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Worried - irregular heartbeat detected in 20 week scan

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amprev · 27/06/2006 13:43

hi all,

I had my 20 week scan on Friday and nearly everything was described as perfect - the heart and other organs have formed perfectly, and baby is slightly bigger than her 21 weeks gestation. They have recalled me tomorrow though for a re-scan because the sonographer detected an irregular heartbeat. I have been told not to worry (impossible!) and that it is not unusual, but I have not heard of it before, and have no experience of this as this is my first pregnancy. Has this happened to anyone else?

OP posts:
Beauregard · 27/06/2006 13:47

Hi,sorry i cant advise but someone will know!

PrettyCandles · 27/06/2006 13:58

Not had experience of this, but have of other 'irregularities'. Generally the sonographer who scans you will not be at the top of the profession, IYSWIM - competent but not the top. So if he or she sees anything out of the usual you will be sent for further investigations. The sonographer who re-scans you will be more experienced, possibly a consultant, and probaly using a more sophisticated machine. They will be better able to call on what they see.

Of course it's impossible not to worry, but please try to reassure yourself that the chances are that there is no problem, and that they are simply being as careful and as pedantic as they can be.

I hope all goes well for you tomorrow.

amprev · 27/06/2006 14:07

Thanks for all responses - provided me with some reassurance.

OP posts:
bamboo · 27/06/2006 16:22

I had this happen with my dd but it was a midwife during a regular antenatal check who brought it up. I can't remember how many weeks I was, perhaps fewer than 20 but not by much, I think. She was full of high drama and booked me in for a scan the next day. Like you I spent the day and night pretty distraught. When I arrived for the scan the midwife at the hospital couldn't believe I'd been sent in. She said the heartbeat didn't really settle down until much later and it wasn't at all unusual.

Agree with Prettycandles that sonographer may be being overcautious. This happened to me with ds (my two are well scanned children ) over a different issue. I was seen by a consultant on a better machine - the original sonographer actually said her machine was crap anyway!

Chances are it is nothing to worry about. Try to relax this evening. Good luck for tomorrow and let us know what happens.

Arabica · 28/06/2006 14:26

I haven't had experience of exactly this problem but have had lots of investigation/scans/ during this pregnancy for other reasons and I know how scary it can be--so I am thinking of you and hope it all goes well today.

amprev · 29/06/2006 16:52

Hi everyone - went for my re-scan yesterday and like you all said, they have basically said that it will settle down over time and want to see me again in 6 weeks for another scan. The heartbeat is basically a little on the slow side and skips a beat every now and then, but the heart itself is developed fine. At least I get to see my baby every 6 weeks I suppose! And we also found out yesterday that baby is a girl - very excited now. Thanks again for your supportive messages. Amanda x

OP posts:
FirstAtForty · 29/06/2006 17:25

That's good news. I have a friend who they said much the same thing to, that the heartbeat was a bit irregular but it would probably settle down by the time she was born - all was definitely fine by the time my friend gave birth to her healthy baby girl two years ago.

Arabica · 30/06/2006 15:09

That's good news! Really pleased for you. Let us know how you get on.

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