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How do you pronounce Madeline?

27 replies

cupcakes · 26/06/2006 13:56

is it Mad - eh - line

or Mad - eh - laine

OP posts:
Socci · 26/06/2006 13:58

Message withdrawn

LadyTophamHatt · 26/06/2006 13:58

how ever you want.....

foxinsocks · 26/06/2006 13:59

mad eh lin

Enid · 26/06/2006 13:59

I say it the second way and spell it Madeleine

Tatties · 26/06/2006 13:59

I say it Mad - eh - lyn

frogs · 26/06/2006 14:00

To rhyme with Catherine, rather than Caroline.

Madeleine (the French spelling) is pronounced the same way, but you're more likely to get irritating people pronouncing it to rhyme with Elaine.

Gillian76 · 26/06/2006 14:00

As Tatties. Love it!

Tinker · 26/06/2006 14:02

In the Madeline books they do rhyme her name with shine.

Enid · 26/06/2006 14:02


Whizzz · 26/06/2006 14:02

I would say Mad-eh-lynn

Tinker · 26/06/2006 14:03

and time

frogs · 26/06/2006 14:04

But the books take some outrageous spelling/rhyme liberties anyway, such as the frog family favourite: 'Here is a freshly laundered shirty, it's better to be clean that dirty.'

Tinker · 26/06/2006 14:05

and line

Tinker · 26/06/2006 14:06

Yes, they should have shin, Tim and, er, lin?

Kelly1978 · 26/06/2006 14:06

to ryhme with lynn.

frogs · 26/06/2006 14:08

And the books are American in any case.

Dd1, who is in a position to be authoritative on the subject () gets v. annoyed when pronounced to rhyme with either Caroline or Elaine.

Tinker · 26/06/2006 14:10

They're cute though.

LIZS · 26/06/2006 14:12

Madeline = Mad-eh-line
Madeleine = Mad-eh-lay-ne

cupcakes · 26/06/2006 14:30

I hadn't even considered that it could be pronounced -Lynn.
I'd rather have the french pronounciation than the US but then I have two fans of the books who know her as Made - line ("to rhyme with shine".)

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 26/06/2006 14:32

Madder Lin.

Twiglett · 26/06/2006 14:35

people who pronounce Madeleine to rhyme with shine drive me totally bananas and make me want to rip their heads off ... it is horribly american style

it is Madeleine .. either lynne or len is fine

cupcakes · 26/06/2006 14:36

does the spelling make a difference? Madeline/Madeleine.

OP posts:
cupcakes · 26/06/2006 14:37

right, will avoid the 'shine' version. Either that or avoid Twiglett forever!

OP posts:
LotosEater · 26/06/2006 14:38

my northern friend who bears this name pronounces it Mad-er-lyn

Twiglett · 26/06/2006 14:39

yes spelling makes a difference

cupcakes if you use Madeline and rhyme it with shine I would suggest avoiding me forever

and DD too .. even though after months of searching for the perfect name .. she's ended me up being called Moo

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