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Braxton Hicks?

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PrettyCandles · 23/06/2006 19:50

Is it true that more and stronger BHs than usual (for you) are an indication that you're overdoing things?

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PrettyCandles · 23/06/2006 20:33


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Seona1973 · 23/06/2006 20:39

I'm not sure, but the babycentre website does say this:

What should I do if they're uncomfortable?

Many women notice that the contractions come more frequently when they do even light physical activity, such as carrying in shopping from the car. If you feel discomfort, it sometimes helps to lie down, or, conversely, to get up and take a walk, both of which can ease any pain you feel. A warm bath sometimes helps, too. Some healthcare professionals recommend drinking a couple of glasses of water if the contractions bother you as they can sometimes be brought on by dehydration. In general, a lack of adequate fluids tends to make your uterus more irritable - another of the many reasons to drink plenty of fluids while you're pregnant.

PrettyCandles · 23/06/2006 20:41

Thanks. Seems that they imply that the BHs are a short-term response to physical stress of some sort, rather than a response to a general way of life.

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Tessiebear · 23/06/2006 20:44

YES!!!!! I had them with DS3 really badly at 32 weeks and when i sat down for a 2hr stretch they went away!

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