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Tiredness in pregnancy

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Pigwig · 16/02/2004 13:26

Hi everyone,after a year of trying to concieve and 1 miscarraige during that time, I am delighted to now be 17 weeks pregnant. I know we all get tired but what's normal and what's not? I thought that after about 14 weeks I should be feeling good and have some more energy but I am quite the opposite. I have just spend 10 days in bed with complete fatigue/exhaustion. I had my iron levels checked and they are fine so that's not the reason. I can cope with tiredness but excessive fatigue is getting me down, this is the sort of tiredness where I literally can't move/function. Has anyone else experienced anything like this??

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motherinferior · 16/02/2004 13:35

Hurrah and congratulations!

I was totally knackered for a lot of my first pregnancy. It did get a bit better at your sort of stage, but I wonder whether one of the things that is knocking you out is the relief from the stress? Tiring stuff, stress. Even more tiring when you can finally relax.

sweetkitty · 16/02/2004 13:59

I'm now nearly 16 weeks and constantly exhausted I'm still waiting for this magical blooming time, my hairs terrible and my back covered in spots, the worst it's been since I came off the pill. Most weekends I'm sleeping 15 hours a day! Have to keep getting up and walking around the office to stop me falling asleep at my desk.

cazzybabs · 16/02/2004 14:10

I used to sleep all w/e with my 1st preganancy and that lasted until about 25 weeks - my bf was really fed-up and kept trying to make me do thnings like go for a walk, but I couldn't. This time I am trying to keep more active, do excersise about four times a week and its helping a little. I still need to go to bed earlier than normal and have afternoon naps as often as I can. No advice really, but if yu can face it try some excerise and see if that helps. Difficult I know! Good luck.

SpringChicken · 16/02/2004 14:28

During the first 13 weeks i was completely exhausted - felt like i was tired every minute of every day.

Now at 19+2 i generally have more energy and don't feel as tired but i can fall asleep in a flash. On saturday i went up to bed, dp shouted up that he was watching the last round of the boxing (3 minutes) and by the time he came up i was sparko

tillymint · 16/02/2004 17:11

Tell me about it!
I'm okay in the morning but by lunchtime I can't function.
It doesn't help that my 7mth old has started to wake at 2am to play, and my 5yr old has got a sore throat, so wakes me at midnight for a cuddle.
I'm only 11 weeks, so I'm hoping for an energy surge myself - I'm getting fed up of going to bed by 9pm.

fisil · 16/02/2004 19:21

Totally agree. I was so tired 1st pg that I had a sleep virtually every day. This time I have more or less so far - apart from today, and I'm about to go to bed!

I answered a media request a few weeks ago about pg tiredness for Prima Baby - so there should be an article coming up soon.

Pigwig · 19/02/2004 09:55

Thanks for all the messages, I am now back on my feet and although my first week back at work was completely exhausting I am functioning a bit better now. Maybe I'm just expecting too much from myself. But Cazzybabs I am trying to get a bit more exercise as you advised. I'll keep you posted.

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