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Not sure where to post this, but thinking about post-birth doula...?

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Elibean · 21/06/2006 09:18

Does anyone have any advice, experience, information or recommendations? I'm in SW London, and have a dd who will be nearly 3 when baby is born (early December). I'm an older Mum, had post-partum blood pressure problems last time, and think some help over the first few weeks might long as I'm not feeling like 'hostess' to the help, IYSWIM.
Any thoughts appreciated.

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melsy · 21/06/2006 09:54

Hi Elibean , Iv got a post natal doula booked , as I will alos have a nearly 3yr old when babs comes and I had PTSD & PND last time, so Im hoping this will get me through the 1st few weeks. I arrangted it through here British doulas agency . Go to button at bottom of page.

They are based in Kensington London , but you phone them and discuss your area and through convo, the owner works out who will be suitable for you. They will then call to arrange for an interview.

I found really good questions for interviews on here questions for interview . At the bottom of that page is a button to open it in word and I used the same for each person I interviewed.

TheBlonde · 21/06/2006 09:58

I think these are in SW London but I can't access the site as I don't have flash

Elibean · 21/06/2006 11:08

Thanks so much, both of you. Melsy, when is your baby due? If you have time to post, afterwards, I'd love to hear how your doula experience is going/went....but only if you feel like it.

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melsy · 21/06/2006 11:12

Im due 12th Aug , but doulas not starting for two weeks as dh is home for those 2 wks and we had to limit the budget somehow. I only have her for 4weeks, but would have liked 6 , but I will see how Im doing and if shes available to prolong her time with me.

When are you due Elibean?? its ood to get it sorted early , makes you feel a little better about things !! Although I keep forgetting Im having this help, its like a little blessing for me.

Elibean · 23/06/2006 16:47

Sorry, Melsy, pregancy brain - completely forgot I'd posted under 'pregnancy'

Wow, thats soon! Your plan sounds great...dh then the doula. Good idea. My due date isn't till early December (8th), you'll be past the worst of the sleepless nights by then!

Wishing you luck, and thanks again for the feedback - I'm going to look into it as soon as we get back from our holidays.

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Elibean · 23/06/2006 16:48

ps could I maybe CAT you in, say, November? If I remember?!? Would love to hear how you felt about it all, and any tips doula-wise...

OP posts:
melsy · 23/06/2006 16:50

yes sure Elibean, have you contacted the agencys ? I booked months ahead and gives you time to make sure you get the right person, (I HOPE !!!!).

Elibean · 23/06/2006 17:48

Thanks! Nope, not you think I should do that on Monday? I was going to wait till mid-July, as ton of stuff to do before heading off on Wednesday - but would hate to miss the boat.

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