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Hairdye in Pregnancy

17 replies

Levanna · 13/02/2004 22:44

Is it ok? I was just reading another thread about hairdye, and thought it might be just what I need to brighten myself up a bit. (Feeling a wee bit frumpy and tired! ) but I'm sure I've been told/read/heard that you shouldn't use dye when you're pregnant? Can someone let me know please?!

OP posts:
bossykate · 13/02/2004 22:48

i think it's fine, and in fact will be making an appt tomorrow to get mine done again. here is more info.

CountessDracula · 13/02/2004 23:07

I did it, no probs.

sibble · 14/02/2004 00:21

have just had mine done to cheer me up - did wait until I was 12 weeks though (and was spurred on by somebody I know saying I really wasn't old enough to walk around with so much grey hair!!!!)am 38 not 68 btw and usually have it done more often.

eyelash · 14/02/2004 08:56

I have always had mine done in pregnancy. My sil is a hairdresser and she has looked into it for her pregnancies and as far as she is concerned there is little or no risk.

maretta · 14/02/2004 10:03

I had mine done a couple of times whilst pregnant.

I was told by midwife, hairdresser and anything I could find on the internet that it was perfectly safe.

I think the risk you hear about is to your appearance. Your hair changes when pregnant and it takes longer for the colour to take properly. This can be a problem with bleach as you can end up looking slightly orange. Therefore, you need to make sure your hairdresser knows you are pregnant.

fisil · 14/02/2004 20:05

I'd heard the only real risk was wretching and throwing up in the salon because of the stinky smell!

I follow the "Best Friend's Guide to Pregnancy" advice, which is: the choice is if you don't get your hair dyed in case the chemicals harm the baby, you risk the baby being born to a hideous graying and unhappy mother. Better a happy and attractive Mum!

Levanna · 14/02/2004 20:29

lol fisil!

Thanks everyone. Really pleased to hear there's still the odd little pleasure I'm able to partake in!
(Not complaining really!)

OP posts:
sibble · 15/02/2004 18:09

lol fisil, I did omit to say on the post that I did faint quite spectacularly with the foils in half my head while they were doing it, insisting, no don't stop it'll look stupid now!!!!
may have to find another hairdresser!!

stace · 20/02/2004 08:49

Hi all, im a bit paranoid so i did a load of research into organic and mineral hair dyes thinking they might be a bit better, who knows the answer to that one??? But for those of you who found the smell awful, the natural stuff smell great it comes from fruit and marine acids so its like going on holiday and smelling the cocktails too!!!! Good luck finding one if youre into it?

Helsbels · 20/02/2004 08:58

I have to dye mine when pg otherwise they would think I was the babies grandma with all my grey hair!!!!

Azure · 20/02/2004 09:19

I dyed my hair every four weeks, otherwise I would have refused to leave the house. Using a semi-permanent vegetable-based dye may be better for those still worried - would never have worked on my grey, grey roots, though.

udar · 20/02/2004 13:13

Had highlights done on Wed. The colour is a tiny bit more golden than it was last time (done at about 14wks). I figure you do what you have to do.

spots · 22/02/2004 17:40

hurrah, just the tone of messages I'd been hoping for myself when I tapped into this thread. I had mine done yesterday and wasn't ENTIRELY sure ... the hairdresser reassured me that even if I was worried the highlighting she was doing would mean that the stuff would hardly touch my scalp....and that seemed like common sense to me. So I have a lovely stripy head of hair which will def. NOT be in the genes for next generation to enjoy (shame)

Levanna · 23/02/2004 23:43

Yay, did mine too . I eventually went for highlights with a cap, so that the dye wouldn't touch my scalp, seemed like a good compromise . Did it at home though, with a bright (BRIGHT!!) red colour, and highlighted rather more of it than was intended . Ah well, it's done the job, and really picked me up

OP posts:
Spangie · 15/02/2005 15:20

Just found out I am pregnant and had my hair coloured without thinking, got into a bit of a panic, but thanks to your advice feel much better now

NameChangingMancMidlander · 15/02/2005 15:23

I did mine too, every 6 weeks and DD was perfectly fine. TBH, I had no idea it was a bad idea. I coloured it in a well ventilated room so that minimised the fumes.

NameChangingMancMidlander · 15/02/2005 15:25

I would agree that there is more of a risk of the colour not taking the way it would on your non-pregnancy hair, than any health risks for your babe.

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