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Were you diagnosed with a single umbilical artery?

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docket · 18/06/2006 11:02

I found out at 20 weeks that I had a two vessel cord. Had a few subsequent scans including 2 cardiac scans which all proved reassuring.

I am now 41 + 2 and having been pretty calm about the whole thing for the last few weeks find myself in a complete panic about potential problems with/post the birth. Not helped by some particularly unhelpful googling I did this morning.

If anyone has any experience of this I'd love to hear about it.



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emkana · 18/06/2006 11:39

No personal experience, but my SIL had this and she had a healthy girl eight weeks ago.

Seona1973 · 18/06/2006 12:37

two of my sisters lo's had a 2 vessel cord and neither have had problems. The only thing it affected was the removal of the placenta - the injection to help it be delivered didnt help properly and she had to push it out herself - ie had to push and give birth to the placenta rather than the midwives being able to remove it for her by pulling it out.

docket · 18/06/2006 12:40

Thank you, both good-to-hear stories.

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docket · 18/06/2006 12:44

ps good luck for tomorrow emkana!

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