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BamboozlesLover · 18/06/2006 00:10

i heard it is supposed to tone the uterus and make labour easier. can anyone vouch for this or is it just another old wives tale?

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ginmummy · 18/06/2006 00:27

Not heard that about pineapple. Thought the old wives tale was supposed to be raspberry and cranberry and massaging the perineum with baby oil.

overdraft · 18/06/2006 01:01

My caving was pinapple but i had a breech and c section so can't comment

BamboozlesLover · 18/06/2006 01:39

apparently it is supposed to help with bruising too..

OP posts:
juuule · 18/06/2006 08:21

Did nothing for me. Just put me right off pineapples.

LilacWine · 18/06/2006 08:38

my midwife said it was one lady in london who started this theory about pineapple bringing on labour and it spread around the country through word of mouth...

Seona1973 · 18/06/2006 10:19

I always thought it would be more likely to give you the runs as it can have a laxative effect - maybe this would help bring on labour in the same way a hot curry would!!!

laughalot · 18/06/2006 12:35

I loved pineapple with ds definatly dident help me in labour I had the birth from hell, this time im into nectarines I shall keep you posted Grin

BamboozlesLover · 18/06/2006 16:22

what was your birth like laughalot? was it really long?

OP posts:
laughalot · 19/06/2006 18:27

Im afraid to say hunny I was a big wimp I was petrified I had pethadine, gas and air , and a epidural I was in labour 25 hours my ds heartbeat dropped so I ended up having a vontouse deleivery I know people have been through alot worse than that but it just tired me and the baby out. This time round I am going to try a water birth so hopefully it might be a better experience having said all of that it was he most bravest and special thing iv ever done and every person who gives birth should be extremely proud of themselves.

BamboozlesLover · 20/06/2006 16:52

laughalot did you have a lot of bruising?

OP posts:
laughalot · 21/06/2006 10:57

I dident no I had 10 stiches and was really worried about going for a wee however it dident hurt at all I know a few people who were given a jug of water to tip in the toilet as they are weeing just to take the sting away. It sounds alot worse than what it was and I was so worried in case I needed stiches but it was fine no pain at all because I had the epidural. When are you due ?

LadyTophamHatt · 21/06/2006 11:02

Did nothing for me either, except make the roof of my mouth and tongue sore because they weren't quite in season so really sour.

BamboozlesLover · 21/06/2006 19:44

due 2 weeks on friday... not long now!

OP posts:
laughalot · 22/06/2006 17:08

Well I feel awfull now for saying what I did just remember everyones different im sure you will be fine. Let me know when you have had baby and good luck xxxxxx

bamboozleslover · 23/06/2006 14:27

why do you feel awful?

OP posts:
laughalot · 23/06/2006 19:12

I feel awful because you are due so soon, I remember being really scared at the thoughts of labour I just dont want to put you off.

bamboozleslover · 25/06/2006 22:22

never mind that. i had him yesterday!! had a really positive birth i'm on such a high.

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