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Quick question for anyone whos had ecv?

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agalch · 17/06/2006 11:19

I will hopefully have an ecv done in a couple of weeks if my baby is still breech.

have any of you ladies had it done? If so was it successful?

I am having a scan to check babys position on the Monday,so will i have it done the same day or get an appt to go back and have it done?

Thanks xx

OP posts:
FrannyandZooey · 17/06/2006 11:26

I did not have an ecv because ds turned by himself, so I'm afraid I can't advise on the ecv, but can give tips on how to try to get baby to turn naturally if you would like?

TheMammy · 17/06/2006 11:29

Better to try anf get baby to tuen naturally if you can :) Go on all fours and tilt your bum to the sky.. do this on a soft bed if you can.

I went to the swimming pool and tried to do handstands.. it worked though Wink

agalch · 17/06/2006 11:29

Hi Franny

I am doing a couple of things my mw advised,head down bum up and kneeling on bed with hands on floor.No luck so far.Also had a reflexology treatment on thurs? so fingers crossed that i won't actually need it.

OP posts:
FrannyandZooey · 17/06/2006 12:00

Agalch, some of the following is going to sound a bit insane but it's got to be worth a try hasn't it? I did as many of these as I could (I can't dive but all the rest are road tested by me) and ds did turn from breech.

Lie on your back with cushions under your bum and back, and try to get into a sort of shoulder stand position, as high as feels comfortable. While in this position put frozen peas (wrapped in a tea towel) on your bare skin at the top of your bump, where the baby's head is. The idea is he will not like the cold and will turn to get away from it. Play some nice music on headphones in between your legs. Turn the lights off and shine a torch between your legs too. Get your partner to talk and sing between your legs (this is an experience the two of you will look back on fondly for the rest of your lives :o) The baby will be attracted to the light, music and sound of daddy's familiar voice.

If you are a swimmer, dive down headfirst to the bottom of the pool repeatedly. People have felt their baby flip while doing this.

Ask yourself if you have any mental blockages about the birth. Are you scared or tense about having this baby? (well who isn't?) Try to mentally relax and give your baby 'permission' to be born. Chatting out loud or mentally with the baby, asking it to please turn round, and visualising it turning to the position you want can be effective while lying in the shoulder stand position.

Good luck :)

FrannyandZooey · 17/06/2006 12:01

p.s. it wasn't until they brought me in for the final scan before they would have offered the ecv that we realised he had turned - have you had scans or is his position the opinion of your midwives?

agalch · 17/06/2006 12:12

Hi Franny

OMG I nearly wet myself laughing reading thru that lot. I will ask dp to help me out re the singing etc.LOL.

Not had a scan so only opinion of midwife atm.This is my 4th and it feels really different to the others.The mw and i could both be wrong i suppose but i am convinced its not cephalic as yet.

Right off to find a bag of frozen peas.Picking up my teenager in half an hour so he can babysit dd for a while and i can try out some of your ideas.

Thanks again xx

OP posts:
FrannyandZooey · 17/06/2006 12:27

The best bit was that DP claimed "I don't know any songs". He ended up singing the theme tune to the Banana Splits to our unborn foetus for about half an hour a day.

"Over hill and highway the Banana Buggies go
Coming up to bring you the Banana Spilts Show"


agalch · 17/06/2006 12:33


God you have to stop posting stuff like that,i'm going to do myself an injury Grin

My ds2 10.5 keeps asking what's so funny. So what do i tell him? You have really cheered me up today,i was feeling down about things so big thank you Franny.Feel theres hope for me,will deffo try all your suggestions and i'll let you know how things go.better shoot off and pick up ds1.

OP posts:
Pinchypants · 19/06/2006 14:08

Franny, those tips are completely original, and priceless. I am going to try acupuncture and reflexology and bum-in-air tactics before suggesting to DH that he sings his usual Queen medley to my nether regions, but it has to be worth a try to avoid ECV and/or C-section. There's no dignity in this birthing business anyway! Thanks so much for sharing.

Medulla · 19/06/2006 14:11

I had an ecv with my first as she was breech (obviously) but I'm afraid it was unsuccessful - she was stuck!!

MissChief · 19/06/2006 14:17

yes, had ECV, yes, it was successful! And no, didn't really hurt - well, tbh honest did but for all of about 2 seconds!
HTH? I know people have different expeiences of it, but saved me from an unwatned c-section. apparently have 50%$ success rate on average so it is worth doing IMHO!
You're given a muscle relaxant, wired up to monitor etc (and don't panic but put in delivery suite just in case it kicks starts labour).
Good luck.

katierocket · 19/06/2006 14:18

I had one and it was successful.

elliepippamummy · 19/06/2006 15:06

I had one and the consultant said I'll get this baby turned no problem (apparently in 26 years he had only had 4 failed attempts) guess what I made number 5 and after 36 weeks of not asking what sex the baby was he gave it away by saying "Shes well and truly stuck" and booked me in for a section at 38weeks I begged to let me go a little bit longer and he rebooked me for section at 39+4 but she was stuck and thankfully she didn't turn as when they lifted her the cord was round her neck twice so fate was on our side!!

C section was fine and in fact am pg with no 2 and requesting another section

agalch · 19/06/2006 15:55

Thanks for more replies ladies. Am still trying all the tricks esp the ones Franny suggested.

I am sort of coming round to the idea that if i have to have a c/s i will just get on with it.But i am not going to have one without a fight.

I happen to be a weird person who doesn't mind being in labour and has babies reasonably easily,short pushing stages etc so would still rather have that.

OP posts:
BetsyBoop · 19/06/2006 21:40

I had ECV with DD at 38wks & it worked....until she turned back breech two days later.....

However she turned at her own accord at 39+1 (despite everyone telling me she was now too big to turn on her own) & was born at 39+4 - so don't give up hope just yet. :)

Highlander · 20/06/2006 13:37

is the success rate of ECV something daft like 1% (ie once turned only 1% stay there?)

BetsyBoop · 20/06/2006 21:04

don't have the exact figure, but most babies that they can actually turn stay put. (My consultant said he was really pleased that DD turned back of her own accord, as up to her he had a 100% record of babies that he'd turned staying head down to birth, and as she was head down at birth, even though she'd done a turn in between, he was claiming that one on a technicality to keep his 100% record!!!)

They give you a muscle relaxant to relax the uterine muscles sufficiently to allow the baby to be turned, the theory being that once they are head down & the relaxant wears off then they are unable to turn back - my DD was the exception that proves the rule! Wink

They tend to have more problems turning 1st babies successfully as the uterine muscles are tighter. My consultant's stats were about 60% successfully turning for 1st timers, 85% for subsequent pregnancies, but this does vary from consultant to consultant, so worth checking.

It's also worth waiting to 38wks as if you do it sooner there is a much greater chance of baby turning back (more room I guess?)

Forgot to say before, the other thing you can try is moxibustion & acupunture - supposed to be very successful at getting baby to turn (something like a 75% success rate - used as "standard" treatment for breech in China)

MissChief · 21/06/2006 11:57

i was told by consultant that ecv had 50% success rate - ie tunred and stayed put, as i said, worked for me!
OTOH - moxibustion had no effect whatsoever - expensive waste of time IMHO!

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