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Baby measuring big?

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pucca · 16/06/2006 21:45

I have started a thread previously about me measuring 3 weeks bigger with fundal height and the customised growth chart they now do (measuring 3 weeks bigger by this), but today i have been for a 3D scan and the sonographer said the baby is measuring 4 weeks bigger...measuring 34 weeks instead of 30.

I am having a elective section at 39 weeks, but do you think i should mention this to midwife? Can there be problems if the baby is very big as regards to sections? As in, would they do the section earlier if baby is going to be a whopper? Glad i don't have to push this one out, thats for sure! Wink

TIA Smile

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pucca · 16/06/2006 21:46

Forgot to add, what i mean is the sonographer took proper measurements of the baby etc

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pucca · 16/06/2006 21:54


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edam · 16/06/2006 21:55

Hi Pucca. Growth scans are routinely 10 to 20 per cent out. There have been loads of threads here where people have been frightened by sonographers, midwives and doctors unnecessarily.

My sister had gestational diabetes which means babies can grow too big (ie the diabetes is affecting them) and was terrified by bloody midwives constantly telling her 'ooh, you are measuring 38 weeks' at 34 and so on. When baby was born, at 41 weeks, she weighed less than the midwives had claimed nine weeks previously!

chjlly · 16/06/2006 21:58

I had a 10lb baby by section 2 weeks before I had her they suggested her weight was about 8.5lb - she was breech which I think caused problems because she became distressed as they couldn't get her head out - she did need a little help to get breathing.

coppertop · 16/06/2006 22:00

I agree with Edam about growth scans. With dd I was consistently measuring at least 4 weeks bigger than my actual dates. Growth scans showed a baby on the 98th centile with a large head and an abdomen that was off the charts. Dd was induced a couple of days before my due date because of worries about shoulder dystocia. She weighed 8lbs 4oz, was very slim and her head was on the 25th centile. Very different to what I'd been told to expect.

OldieMum · 16/06/2006 22:06

My first baby was born by c-section and was 10lb 1oz at 39 weeks (in the 98th centile for head size and abdominal circumference). She was a transverse lie, due to a fibroid. There were no problems. I am due to have my second baby by c-section in 11 days' time, at 38 weeks, for the same reason. He is in the 97th centile for the same measurements. Nobody has suggested that his size will be a problem, or that this has played any role in determining the timing of the c-section. I hope this gives you some reassurance and that all goes well for you.

DD is now 3.5 and in the 98th centile for height. She is slim and healthy. She just looks like she is about 5.

pucca · 18/06/2006 23:13

Thanks for the replies everyone, may mention it to MW just see what she says, good job i am having a section though i think (3rd degree tear last time).


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yawningmonster · 19/06/2006 01:58

My ds was consistently 5wks ahead of dates both fundal height and scan measurements. It was decided to do an elective c section as he also didnt move down so we were all expecting a huge baby...
He was 8.5lb so not so big after all.

pucca · 24/06/2006 23:09

I am seeing the consultant on Tues about this, does anyone know what she is likely to do or say?


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pucca · 24/06/2006 23:29


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pucca · 25/06/2006 07:40

bump again

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sugarfree · 25/06/2006 07:54

Theyre not going to section you early unless the baby is distressed Hun,the longer they're in there the better,big or not.It makes not a jot of difference to the surgeon if your baby is 8lbs or 12lbs.
They had me worried that my ds2 was going to be 11lbs+ (looking back,I've no idea why that worried me) and he turned out to be the smallest of my three at 8lbs6oz.

schneebly · 25/06/2006 07:57

My fundal height measured 9 weeks ahead at one point and DS was 8lbs 1 - born at 39 weeks. Babies don't always grow at a steady rate - Mine didnt grow much after 35 weeks. I am sure all will be fine. Best wishes.

SoupDragon · 25/06/2006 08:05

I agree. They won't do anything given you're due for a cs anyway. If you were going for a vaginal delivery it would be different, eg with DS2 they tried to persuade me to be induced early and wrote on my notes I was to have a short labour then c-section (he arrived 2 weeks early of his own accord, bless him).

pucca · 25/06/2006 13:18

Thanks for the replies everyone, i didn't know if size was a issue with having a c-section, didn't think it would be.

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