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So a faint line is a positive isn't it...

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NoDrinkingOnHenWeekendForMe · 16/06/2006 09:36

Isn't it?

First response on Day 29

Thought I'd better do a test before going on friend's hen weekend today just in case but not expecting this!

It's fainter than the control line but you don't have to squint to see it or anything - it's def a proper line.

OP posts:
Katemum · 16/06/2006 09:38

Congrats to you.

CarolinaMoose · 16/06/2006 09:39

yep, it's a positive.

Congratulations Grin

harpsichordcarrier · 16/06/2006 09:44

yep Grin
congrats xx

hunkermunker · 16/06/2006 09:46

Congratulations, whoever you are! Grin

NoDrinkingOnHenWeekendForMe · 16/06/2006 09:46


now I'll have to tell them all - they really won't buy any anti-biotics nonsense.

it's actually really not that faint considering it's v.early.


OP posts:
arfy · 16/06/2006 09:47

oh I can't be arsed with the subterfuge, it's me Grin

Pruni · 16/06/2006 09:50

arfy congratulations!
And a heartfelt thanks, now I won't have to log on every ten seconds to see which one of 10,000 women I've never met is up the duff. Grin

eenywifemum · 16/06/2006 09:54

congratulations!!!! Grin

Miaou · 16/06/2006 10:11

oooh congrats arfy!! Enjoy your hen weekend anyway Smile

pol26 · 16/06/2006 10:51

It was for me way back in January!!!

bubblez · 16/06/2006 10:56

My first pg test 2.5yrs ago (predictor) was very faint and i was pregnant so........


Planned pregnancy??

arfy · 16/06/2006 11:00

yes planned (in as much as I am able to plan anything!).
period only really due yesterday/today so I guess I'd expect it to be faint anyway (last time I was about 5.5 weeks and it was VERY strong)
can't quite believe it.....

bubblez · 16/06/2006 11:06

Ahhh that is lovely big congrats.

sandradee · 16/06/2006 11:27

defo - congratulations.

You can have a false negative but you can never have a false positive

schneebly · 16/06/2006 11:30

Yay! Really pleased for you! Smile

Emma7 · 16/06/2006 13:15

CONGRATULATIONS! This happened to me and I ended up doing about 4 tests in the end to make sure! Grin

cadbury · 16/06/2006 13:28

congrats arfy! Grin

join us over on the due in feb07 thread

arfy · 18/06/2006 19:54

I survived the hen weekend sober - (just)
Now I can get used to the idea of this, it's ridiculously early to know about it if you ask me.
Let the worrying commence....

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