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Cot bed and Moses basket mattresses? Please help!

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Tulipsandbuttercups · 11/08/2013 17:07

I am totally confused what sort of mattresses I should get, I have read lots of matress guides and they have given me brain ache.

I have a Moses basket and cot bed from my sister, she has got two DCs ages 3 & 5 as these have been well used, I want to buy new mattresses for them both.

Can anyone recommend what to buy?

Thanks x

OP posts:
sazzle82 · 11/08/2013 17:45

I don't know what the best is or anything (currently awaiting the arrival of dc1) but I think for a cot bed a sprung mattress is best as it's comfier when it gets turned in to a bed.

We've also been given cot bed and moses basket and I was just going to get a basic moses basket one as they're not in them for long.

Kelly1814 · 11/08/2013 18:00

We have a sprung for the cot as want it to turn into a bed.

Just bought a second hand Moses basket, the mattress is foam, completely encased in plastic. I know the SIDS advice, just cannot understand how any bacteria etc could be in this mattress as it is completely sealed. Any ideas?

Lovemyprincess4eva · 11/08/2013 18:02

I have a sprung one too for cot bed.

We have a secondhand crib but going to buy new mattress for it as dont want to take any chances for the sake of £30 as they on offer in babies r us xx

ClaraOswald · 11/08/2013 18:07

foam can mould to the shape of the previous user and wont give the same level of support as a new one would.

Tulipsandbuttercups · 14/08/2013 20:37

Thank you ladies

OP posts:
KeepTheFaithBaby · 14/08/2013 21:06

We got foam for the Moses basket (she was only in it 14 weeks before she started protesting for more space!) and sprung for the cot bed.

FobblyWoof · 14/08/2013 21:10

Definitely buy new.

For the cotbed we bought one from toys r us that has a removable, breatable top layer (great for bunging in the machine when lo pees or poos on it) with a wipe down waterproof layer underneath and we think it's fab. You obviously want something waterproof but don't want baby to be right up against a plastic layer and this works really well. It was one of there midrange ones, about £80

Tulipsandbuttercups · 15/08/2013 19:12

Thanks I'll have a look at toys r us x

OP posts:
MummyJetsetter · 15/08/2013 21:22

Try you get better quality for the same as you'd spend in any of the main shops. I got a coir & bamboo sprung one for both babies and they are super comfy and supportive. I paid just under £100 including delivery but they have loads of choice so well worth a look. Moses basket just got mattress in a shop for £10 as not used for long. x

jennimoo · 15/08/2013 21:42

I also got mattresses from baby mattresses online both times and was really happy with them.

Only got foam as was only cot and Moses basket, but I think I'd go for sprung if it was a cot bed.

YBR · 16/08/2013 13:30

kelly the new mattress thing is not necessarily to do with bacteria etc. There is a statistic (very small, hardly significant) which links 2nd hand mattresses with cot death. Putting baby on their back to sleep, feet to foot, not smoking, not co-sleeping, and all these things make much more difference.

When I researched this before DD (18mo) there was no known link - the bacteria thing is just a guess. In my opinion it's that 2nd hand mattresses are more likely to be used where there are other factors of deprivation (poor housing for example).

I used 2nd hand mattresses (cot and moses basket) for DD, and will use them again for DC2 because I decided that they are in good condition, and sealed so I can clean them (with milton) the risk is tiny and acceptable (to me).

mycatlikestwiglets · 16/08/2013 13:51

Whether you want to buy one from there is another thing, but Mamas and Papas have a mattress guide on their website which I found very helpful in explaining the options. Fwiw we got DS' cotbed mattress from there and have been very happy with it so will probably get DC2's from there too.

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