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Goats cheese

14 replies

shhhh · 13/06/2006 19:59

Right when expecting dd I NEVER had any fods that could cause me possible problems, basically I was V Cautious...This included ice cream cheese etc.

I'm now 7 weeks and still the same BUT I need to have it clarified about cheeses....what can I /can't I have..???

Quorn have started doing a goats cheese & cranberry "burger" which sounds devine..(their burgers are a weakness of you can understand my upset when they launched this range as soon as I was pregnant..! Goats cheese is my other weakness..!!)

Can I have them...?????

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shhhh · 13/06/2006 20:00

sorry Blush meant "foods".. Blush

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Straightforward · 13/06/2006 20:02

As long as the goats cheese is made with pasturised milk you will be fine (check the packet - it almost certainly will be with something like Quorn).

And icecream - what the hell is wrong with that that I've missed?!

compo · 13/06/2006 20:05

If it's in a burger then it will be cooked and any cheese that is piping hot is fine to eat

shhhh · 13/06/2006 20:09

well the icecream thing was mainly with mc'ds....noone could clarify if it was made with unpasturised milk etc..In the end I though it best to avoid Sad..There is so many thing you hear and never know if it's true of not.??

The quorn packets doesn't say if it is or not as I checked earlier...just says vegetarian goats and soft cheese.... dh says yes as he doubts someone like quorn will risk anything..???

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shhhh · 13/06/2006 20:10

compo is that soo..?? Our local restaurant do goats cheese in filo....but I have to avoid it when this the go ahead..???!!

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Straightforward · 13/06/2006 20:12

My general philosophy with cheese and pregnancy is that if French women do it, then it's ok with me! Think your DH is right that a big company like Quorn will not want to take any risks. Could you call their customer care line?

compo · 13/06/2006 20:13

this is from Food Standards Agency:
"Pregnant women are advised against eating these types of cheese because of the risk of listeria. However, thorough cooking should kill any listeria, so it should be safe to eat food containing soft mould-ripened or blue-veined cheeses, provided it has been properly cooked and is piping hot all the way through."

shhhh · 13/06/2006 20:14

straightforward that sounds straightforward to me [sorry...!! Blush.), thing is I can right but I keep forgetting..!!!!

I have been meaning to call the estate agents about our house sale for the last 2 days but forget...oopps..!

OP posts:
shhhh · 13/06/2006 20:15

yeah compo I could kiss you..!!! dh could as well as he couldn't/wouldn't have it either due to tempting me..!

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Straightforward · 13/06/2006 20:17

Hoorah - tuck in! Think I'll go and get some too as they sound yummy!

twocatsonthebed · 13/06/2006 20:18

I thought that as long as the goats cheese was cooked (and piping hot) it was fine as that kills any nasties - so both the burgers and the cheese in filo ought to be OK.

But McD's icecream is supposed to be iffy - there was a thread on this somewhere - because it's not kept properly chilled all the time and so listeria can breed. But this only applies to the soft stuff, not Ben and Jerry's (just for example...Grin)

shhhh · 13/06/2006 20:19

ha will do..!! I actually bought a pack to freeze and told dh they were my coming home meal once baby had arrived..!!! Sad I know..!!
They are limited edition though so be quick..!!! I agree they sound and look devine.

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twocatsonthebed · 13/06/2006 20:19

cross posted!

shhhh · 13/06/2006 20:20

Grin 2cats.. what better excuse do you need to get pregnant..!!!

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