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help!!!! hayfever q - is loratadine safe in pregnancy??????????????

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lunavix · 08/06/2006 15:15

Went to see midwife who said there's nothing I can do about my hayfever - which I know isn't exactly true as I have homeopathic stuff but it's just not quite as good as the chemicals lol...

Went to pharmacy who looked it up and said there was one thing.. so I snapped it up but I got in and looked on the little 'story' sheet and it says 'consult doctor' like all the other antihistimines do....

I could cry.... has anyone taken it when pg?

OP posts:
olivo · 08/06/2006 18:28

luna - my hayfever is driving me mad at the mo but i was told by someone (sorry, baby brain not working!) not totake my usual which nis loratidine. will watch to see if anyone else knows as its going to be a long summer without it!

LeahE · 08/06/2006 18:35

You can use Opticrom eyedrops with no problem, and my GP said Beconase was OK, even though it's steroidal, because pg asthmatic women have been taking it for years. None of the antihistamines are officially definitely fine for use in pregnancy AFAIK, although that's because the studies haven't been done rather than because any studies have shown them to be harmful in any way.

I managed with Opticrom and Beconase and avoiding the antihistamines when pg.

fruitful · 08/06/2006 18:38

My gp said don't take loratidine either. I could use my nasal spray though (flixonase) and eye drops. Sudafed is ok in 2nd and 3rd trimesters if you're desperate to stop the runny nose.

I think Piriton is ok (the older antihistamines, the drowsy ones, have been tested on pg women). But you'd better check that.

Californifrau · 08/06/2006 18:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Arabica · 09/06/2006 00:40

Was advised not to take any antihistamine meds except Nasonex spray.

skerriesmum · 09/06/2006 00:46

Don't take loratadine, one study linked it to hypospadias (penis deformity) in boys. I took homeopathic stuff last time which helped, but now I'm in Canada and the pharmacist said as well that "older" formulas have been more extensively tested and were OK.
But I found that especially in second trimester my allergies weren't as bad as usual.

KristinaM · 09/06/2006 01:05

hi lunvix and congratulations!! How far on are you?I got told exactly the same as fruitful in both of my last pregnancies - yes to eye drops and nasal spray, no to any antihisitimes, except piriton. not loratadine either

i tried the homeopathic one as well

sorry Sad

bijou · 09/06/2006 08:20

I've been suffering from horrible hayfever since 6 weeks preg. I went to my doc at 7 weeks and asked her if there was anything I could take and she said def not. I went back at 9 weeks exhausted and looking like poo and she prescribed me cetirizina (this is the Spanish transalation...probably cetirizine, anyone heard of it?).
I've been taking half doses and only take it for 3 days at a time. It makes such a difference and takes alot of the nausia away too....
I'm a bit alarmed by your posts though, and will do some net research.

MeAndMyBoy · 09/06/2006 08:23

I was told it wasn't safe in pg but beconase is. Also apparently they were talking about homeopathic remedy's on Good morning yesterday and giving some away - might be good to stock up?

I'm not doing too badly at the moment but I know my turn will come later in the summer (sigh). Fingers crossed something will help soon.

lunavix · 09/06/2006 21:38


For the record, the doctor prescribed me Hay Com eyedrops which should prevernt the conjunctivitus, althouhg the story with them says not to take either!!!!
She started off saying the loratidine wouldn't be safe, but looked it up and said it 'was the safest and she couldn't see a problem with a low dose'

But it worried me a touch, so I've avoided it and tried concentrating on the drops and homeopathic stuff. Will try to keep resolve up!

Kristina - 30 weeks! Time flies!!! Hows your lo now?

OP posts:
Arabica · 09/06/2006 23:47

I went to see asthma nurse today for my check-up and she looked up antihistamines in her formulary book. It's a definite no to loratadine in pregnancy and breast-feeding, according to the latest edition. You can take piriton but it makes you drowsy.

KristinaM · 10/06/2006 23:58

Oh lunavix, thats wonderful - not long to go now> Bet you are exhausted in thsi heat! LO is nearly 6 months

mixed · 11/06/2006 17:41

I'm having the same problem today. In the BNF unfortunately it says no to cetirizine (Zirtek) and Piriton as well. Do think I've taken Zirtek during previous pregnancies. Ended taking the first tablet during this pregnancy today..
Poor DS seem to suffer from hayfever today as well (first time)

pookie81 · 18/06/2006 09:34

Hi there,

I am starting to panic a bit because I have taken loratadine three days n a row to stop my BAD hayfever!! Has anyone actually taken it whilst pregnant???? I have tried all the homeopathic stuff but it didn't help. Thanks for any replies!!! :)

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