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Hearing Their Heartbeat........When?

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Levanna · 07/02/2004 21:59

Hi, I went for an ante-natal the other day, at 11 weeks on the dot. The midwife tried to listen to "her'is" heartbeat, and couldn't hear anything clearly, though she can feel my womb easily. I don't know that this would worry me normally, but it is, because my little toddler gave me a tremendous kick in the womb area the other evening in bed, with the heel of her foot, and I'm getting progressively more worried .
I was wondering when others have first heard their baby, or if anyone has had minor trauma to their belly during pregnancy, and little one hasn't hasn't suffered any effects?

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suzywong · 07/02/2004 22:03

As far as I can remember it was around 16 weeks
Am no expert but we are designed to weather knocks from our other kids, and they will be jumping all over you when ever they get the chance for the next 29 weeks.
Please don't worry

I'm glad you posted Levanna as I was thinking about you today and wondering how you were getting on.

twiglett · 07/02/2004 22:04

message withdrawn

Levanna · 07/02/2004 22:22

Hi, thanks for your replies. The thought of 16 weeks being more usual has relieved me a bit! I'm sure I heard it quite early last time (or, I could just be driving myself mad over nothing!) but, then again, there wasn't quite so much of me (ahem) between the doppler and baby back then!

Suzywong , I had some pc problems last week, I'm sure my hormones are catching! In fact, I've got an update for that childbirth thread, I'll pop over and add to it.

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lou33 · 07/02/2004 22:49

I got to hear mine from about 14 weeks, but the midwife said if we didn't hear it, not to worry, as it was a bit borderline.

littlerach · 09/02/2004 13:54

I heard mine at 12 wks both times.
It is worth calling the mw and asking to go back, as there is nothing worse than waiting to see.
You could tell her your reasons for worry, she should help you.

SpringChicken · 09/02/2004 14:05

I got to hear mine at 14 weeks but it's probably the same at most things regarding pregnancy - Depends where abouts in the country you are!

kbaby · 09/02/2004 14:23

Hi, The midwife didnt attempt to even listen to mine until I was 14 weeks pregnant and that was only because I went to the clinic and asked them to do it. A friend suggested I hire a doppler which I did and it was excellant.
It was 30.00 for a months hire and they provide the gel and everything. I found it really reassuring especially in the early months when you cant feel the movement.
The website is \link{

Karen 25 weeks

Quackers · 09/02/2004 15:44

Hi, I did hear it 10 weeks but did not expect to at all and was prewarned that it was very early. They have a new doppler though and the old one they would not use until 18 weeks! Maybe they have the older model too. They tried later at 12 weeks and it was very hard to hear, almost impossble as the uterus had moved out of the pelvis and baby had more room to move. My freind has heard tried at 12 weeks and nothing. It just depends where they are the time and the machine used. Good luck!!!

fio2 · 09/02/2004 15:47

I never heard mine with dd until i was about 18 weeks, with ds it was about 14weeks. Try not to worry, easier said than done I know

Levanna · 11/02/2004 22:48

I've had some pains in my lower abdomen over the last while too. I was sure they were linked to my damaged ovaries, but given what I mentioned earlier, I decided to go into our local 'early pregnancy unit' today, just to get checked out. I had a check-up, and they brought my 14 week scan forward to today (12 weeks). Everything's fine! Baby was moving and the heartbeat was fine too, and all the measurements were correct for dates .
Thanks for your messages. Panic over, for now!

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