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38+6 today and I still haven't packed my bag for the hospital

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emkana · 30/05/2006 09:30

Anybody else leave it as late as that?

I am clearly in denial.

OP posts:
LadySherlockofLGJ · 30/05/2006 09:37

Yes, it was all in one place, but I couldn't bring myself to pack it.

I was induced as I went two weeks over, even as we were driving to the hospital I said to DH I don't want to do this.

I know you have had a rough time of it, but it will be a little baby who you will love regardless.

The baby will need you and you will need your baby.

In a way you are lucky(can't think of a better way to put it) that you have had time to come to terms with the DX's you have been given.

I think about you often and look forward to your birth announcement.

I haven't read this back, just posted, so I hope it makes sense.

emkana · 30/05/2006 09:40

The problem is though that we don't have a clear diagnosis.

We don't even know if this baby will be able to survive the first few months. Sad

So I haven't come to terms with anything really, because I don't know for certain what I'm facing.

But thank you for your post, brought tears to my eyes when you said about him being a little baby who needs me and whom I need...

OP posts:
nutcracker · 30/05/2006 09:45

Well with Dd2 I hadn't even brought a bag nevermind packed it, but then I did have her at 34 weeks.
I have been follwing your posts and think you are a very strong lady.

I had a condition when pregnant with Ds that meant all the while he was inside me my own body was attacking him and making him ill. Like you I just wanted to meet him so I could stop thinking of him as a problem and love him as my baby.

Your baby will be very lucky to have you as it's mum Smile

emkana · 30/05/2006 09:46

Thank you nutcracker.

OP posts:
trinityrhino · 30/05/2006 10:10

I was actuslly ambulanced to the hospital at 41+1 and hubby had to go and pack my bag for meGrin

you'd think I would have done it before then lol

HandbagAddiction · 30/05/2006 11:02

Emkana - I'm now 40+2 and I do mine properly until the middle of last week...somehow like you I just couldn't get my head around it.....

All ready to go now though....

FioFio · 30/05/2006 11:04

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Message deleted

PollyLogos · 30/05/2006 11:21

Agree with FioFio you are so strong and understandably scared. That is why you are going to be such a special mother - your baby already senses your love and strength I am sure.

I have nothing but admiration for the way you have been these last 9 months. You can't imagine how much I hope that the birth of your son will bring much happiness into the lives of you and your family and some answers that enable you all to welcome him with extra special joy.

sunita123 · 30/05/2006 12:59

emkana - I've been reading your threads and also think, with the rest of the people who have posted today, that you are an incredibly strong woman. But, (hopefully this makes sense), remember that your baby needs you!
Needs to be there when the going gets tough. Needs you to love and care for him when he arrives, no matter whether it's for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year or (fingers crossed for you) many more years to come.
This baby needs you to make sure that from minute 1 you have all the things that he needs, clothes, food,(BF or Bottle it doesn't matter) something to take him home in! Basically he needs you to pack your/his bag!
(Please don't take this the wrong way, I just wanted to help.)

BTW - I'm 33 wks and have not completely packed my bag either. But having started it makes me feel a lot better.

MarsLady · 30/05/2006 13:21

emkana... I know that you are scared, but you've done so well so far.

You have a baby coming that needs you and your love and I'm pretty sure that you are completely full of love for your baby. So, time to pack and I'll be sat here waiting for your birth announcement. Smile

emkana · 30/05/2006 13:46

Oh God...

I've been so good lately, no tears, just optimism, but it's catching up with me atm.

I have tears rolling down my face now. Sad It's one of those moments in life when you think "How can I cope with this? I only feel as a child myself sometimes."

OP posts:
pesme · 30/05/2006 13:49

hi, have read some of your posts and really feel for you. you have been so strong so far. allow yourself a weak moment and then pack some chocolate, a blanket and a few vests in a bag - then you are done.

good luck and take care.

Gillian76 · 30/05/2006 13:56

You will find strength you never knew you had. I am sure of it.

Looking forward to your announcement :)

MarsLady · 30/05/2006 14:27

You cry honey. You deserve it!

Then your strength will kick in. Smile

happybebe · 30/05/2006 15:21

emkana i have been followin your threads also, and you have been so brave, you are bound to feel odd about your baby actually coming into the outside world. at least whilst baby is in you,you can pretend everything is normal and its all a bad dream huh? but wait till you get your baby, all the worries and stresses of the past nine months will just be forgotten you wont even notice there is anything different about baby she will be perfect to you as al babies are to their mums. thinking of you, good luck! :) xx

Elibean · 30/05/2006 15:32

Tears make more room inside us for strength and love, I reckon...and how could you not have some, sometimes? Also followed your threads Emkana, and just wanted to add good wishes and hugs and will be thinking of you over coming days/weeks.

FioFio · 30/05/2006 17:48

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted

emkana · 30/05/2006 19:52

No I haven't. Blush

Too busy with the children...
it's dd1's birthday tomorrow, when that is over I will definitely do it.

OP posts:
sunita123 · 30/05/2006 19:59

Don't be embarresed Emkana - You've a lot on your mind!
But enjoy DD1's birthday (Give her my wishes too)
and then after tommorow you will be a lot stronger and you can make a start. It doesn't have to be much, like Pesme says a blanket, a few vests in a bag; the rest will come.
Sending lots of hugs for you.
You'll be fine!
Looking forward to a birth anouncement.

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