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Is King George Hospital Ilford good?

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Palmwoods · 25/05/2006 13:35

I'm considering having my baby at King George Hospital. Is it any good?

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musa · 29/05/2006 13:41

Hi palmwwods i had my son there in 2003, they are really good when you are giving birth, after care is a little bit of a let down. But then saying that you a bit more experience by the time you have your second baby.

If there is anything else you want to know just ask me.

Bubbaloo · 29/05/2006 17:23

I live 2 mins from there,but had my ds at Harold Wood.However,I do know lots of people who have had their babies there and were pleased.I don't really like it as a hospital BUT theie maternity unit is meant to be very good,so I think you'll be fineSmile.

Palmwoods · 30/05/2006 13:08

Thank you. I had my first at Chelsea and Westminster and it has much the same reputation - great during the birth but really bad after sales service! Does King Georges have any 'active birth' facilities like mats and birth balls?

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