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3rd baby labour stories plz!

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pinkdolly · 24/05/2006 17:12


I am 31 weeks pg with my 3rd baby.
DD1 was 4 Hours labour, DD2 was 2 hours.

I have heard that sometimes the 3rd baby can be quite different. So I would be very interested in hearing your labour stories. Thanx

OP posts:
Clary · 24/05/2006 17:37

DS1 was 10 days late, 12-hr labour
dd was 5 days late, 4 hr labour
DS2 was 4 days early, 3 hr labour, very quick, out in four pushes! He was the best!
No intervention (induction/epidural/ventouse etc) with any.
Is that any help???

mrsbang · 24/05/2006 17:40

lol, 3rd was definitely different, although I'm not sure you'd want to know (have to say, all three of mine were very different).

tortoiseshell · 24/05/2006 17:42

Ds1 - induced, 12 days late, 10 hour labour, epidural
Dd - homebirth, 14 days late, 3.5 hour labour - very quick and not too painful
Ds2 - homebirth, 8 days late, 11 hour labour - long, drawn out, probably the most painful (but couldn't really tell what Ds1 would have been like).

I have heard that 3rd births often mirror the first, and I do remember half way through ds2's birth saying that it must be a boy, because it was reminding me of ds1's birth!

Kelly1978 · 24/05/2006 18:44

hmm, third was different - twin cesarean! Did go into labour tho, and it was nothing like the first because I got to 3cms while thinking it was braxton hicks. Smile Took hours of painful slow labour before I got that far with my first. Second was textbook.

geekgrrl · 24/05/2006 18:47

DD1 - induced, reasonably fast labour - not sure how long exactly as the induction was so painful anyway
DD2 - home birth, 1.5 hour labour, very easy but very fast and furious
DS - home birth, 3.5 hour labour, bit difficult as he turned OP at the end of the first stage.

If it hadn't been for the OP thing my 3rd labour would have been the best. :)

Orlando · 24/05/2006 19:05

My advice would be camp outside the labour ward!

my first 2 were pretty quick, but 3rd went from 0-60 at about the same speed as a Ferrari. Grin

carol3 · 24/05/2006 19:24

ds1 6 hrs
dd1 4 hrs
dd2 2 hrs
third started very quick strong contractions straight away. Intense but easier than one and two. Smile

MrsLee · 24/05/2006 19:29

Im on my 3rd too, cant remember allot about the other 2 but i hear all different stories about 3rd labour.. some have told me its very fast and others have said its the worst, ether way what goes up must come down in the best way it can Smile

earthtomummy · 24/05/2006 19:32

1st was induced on due date, epidural, episiotomy, 2.5 hrs to push out!!
2nd was 6 hrs but still 30 mins to push out
3rd was in water, 6 hrs ish and only 3 pusjes to get out. Best thing was feeling q. in control of the breathing etc and q.confident so i delivered her myself. Fantastic! Good luck!

fuzzyfelt · 24/05/2006 19:48

I'm interested in peoples 3rd birth stories too as am newly preg. with no. 3.
My first was 8 hours of established labour. Pushing for ages, had to have epsiotomy for forceps and ventouse.
Second was much quicker - 3 and a half hours of established labour, went from cm dilated to pushing baby out in 2 minutes! My old episiotomy scar tore but no stitches needed. (Don't know if my husband would agree!)
If I could guarantee a birth like my second then I would definitely opt for a home birth.

EmmaKB · 24/05/2006 20:45

First baby was induced 36 hour labour, forceps delivery. Second 9 hour labour no intervention. With my third baby I'd had niggles on and off for 2 days but nothing painful. the baby stopped moving on the Thirsday evening so went to be monitored and the MLU on Friday at 2pm. The baby's heart rate was high so was rushed to maternity unit at another hospital where they monitored me again the docotr examined me and broke my waters at 4pm. The waters had meconium in so they said that if nothing had happened in a couple of hours then I waould need a c-section. Contractions started immediately but were irregular and different lengths and intensity. At 5.20pm I felt the urge to push. 5 minutes and 2 pushes later baby was born.
It as totally different from my previous births but they do say that the 3rd births can be unpredictable.

expressmummy · 24/05/2006 20:50

hi there my first labour was 2 and a half hours
my second was a hour

and my third which was 14 wks ago was 20 mins but it was the most painful!!!!!!!!

NotAnOtter · 24/05/2006 20:53

my third was induced and painful but quick! good luck!

GDG · 24/05/2006 20:56

Ds1 - induced, epidural, ventouse, about 8 hours
Ds2 - spontaneous, got to hospital not really sure if in labour or not, born 40 minutes later with no pain relief and a lot of shouting Grin
Ds3 - best birth - spontaneous, sat on ball until the very end, just a bit of gas and air at the end, 2.5 hours.

pinkdolly · 25/05/2006 09:06


Thanx for all your responses. I know each labour is different but I'm just trying to prepare myself. I am planning a homebirth so would love anything under an hr. I didn't tend to be in too much pain during my previous labours and wasn't until they broke my waters that I had strong contractions. I got to almost fully dialated without realising it. So either I dialate v.quickly or I have a high pain threashold.
Either way is good for me!

Dh is in the navy and is currently on course over 4hrs away. So have told him to be prepared to miss it.

Thanx again for all your stories, you've been a great help.

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