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Swizzler · 23/05/2006 14:24

I'm sure this has been asked before, but what do I do about hayfever now I'm pg? I asked the pharmacist but she refused to sell my anything and told me to go and see my gp. Is there anything I can do now?

It's really annoying me, as I'm having problems sleeping and my nose is now bright red Angry

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dressedupnowheretogo · 23/05/2006 14:25

you have to see your gp
tell them you are pregnant they have to see you straight away there is a spray thing you are allowed

Swizzler · 23/05/2006 14:31

Thanks for the speedy response! Will try and get an appointment and get hold of that spray.

OP posts:
dressedupnowheretogo · 23/05/2006 14:48

if you keep bumping someone will helpl you with the actual names cause i asked not long a go

Swizzler · 24/05/2006 13:02

Anyone know what the spray is called? Can't find your original message, boobylicious

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