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somoene calm me down this morning , Im so nervous

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melsy · 23/05/2006 09:55

I cant actually type much as my nerves have got the better of me. Ill paste my last post on ante natal grp, just need to talk to someone.I dont quite know why Im feeling this bad , its really silly.

OP posts:
melsy · 23/05/2006 09:56


Im hoping someones around his morning.

Im having a bad day and its only 8:55, Im getting very anxious about my appt this morn with the midwife. Anxiety levels have tipped into overdrive as I think Im coming down with a cold and it really hits me bad in terms of feeling blue when I get ill. All the lovely music on chill radio this morning is making me cry.

I think IM nervous , as I donnt know wether my gp confrimed that it was ok to be seen by midwife at my surgury. Its all got really stupid . When I booked in with the other hospital I was immediately assigned to a consultant at the hospital and when I saw his registrar he couldnt understand why I was being seen by him, DER read my effing notes : PPH , Ptsd , Pnd , do you need more ?????? I suppose emotional distress is to much for a man is it. Anyway he told me to go back to my surgury for my further check ups bloods etc and my surgury are saying I should be seen at the hospital officialy , as the midwife team based at my surgury is for the more local hospital (the one I had all the problems in with dd),and not if your booked somewere else. So now Im in a black hole and unsure whos doing my care. Im so angry , as this shouldnt be happening to someone with my history. I know I shoud calm down , but Im having meltdown at mo and dd has non stop been crying and winging for not getting her way for days , she has a the cold too and its making her horrid.

Sorry for this , as I know others here have far more serious things going on than my mental state. Im hoping this is just a bad few days brought on by having a cold. Im just getting worried, as its gone on for few days now.

OP posts:
melsy · 23/05/2006 09:57

2nd post, sorry dontn normally do this , but Ive got to drive and need to pull myself together.

My worry this morning is that Ill turn up at th surgury and find theres no record of the gp booking me with the midwife and its all going to be awkward and Im not sure what Im going to do. Irrational I here you say, yes Im on the Irrational nutter mum roundabout this morn. Help me get offffffffffffffffffffffffffff.

OP posts:
MissChief · 23/05/2006 09:59

oh melsy, feel for you love! can you say all this to yr mw - she should sort it out for yuo, take the pressure off! also - how about yr dp/mum or someone - can they be there to help you out?

MissChief · 23/05/2006 10:01

don't worry! even if by some slim chance you're not booked in, soesn't matter! they'll be able to squeeze you in - btw you';re not being irrational, just pregnant. i was exactly the same!

melsy · 23/05/2006 10:01

my mums coming here in half hr , worried what shell think. Im being totally a tit. Ive really got myself in a right way.I cant stop the nerves.

OP posts:
MissChief · 23/05/2006 10:02

it's normalto be nervous. make yourseflf a nice cup of tea and deep breath, you'll be fine!

melsy · 23/05/2006 10:03

every time I make tea (I have big bowl size cups), dd keeps using it as a bath !!! NOT HELPING MUMMY DD!!!

OP posts:
MissChief · 23/05/2006 10:04

cbeebies for her, tea for you?

melsy · 23/05/2006 10:06

ok cbeeebs on I have relented, was trying to be good mummy and get her to play , as have chill out music on , but its not been working.

OP posts:
MissChief · 23/05/2006 10:08

doesn't always work with the little so-and-sos, does it? shame they don't have a pause button but that's what tv is for Wink

queenrollo · 23/05/2006 10:12

melsy...hope you're starting to feel a bit better.......

use your pregnant state to your advantage at the surgery and cry until they sort you out. if the midwife is anything like the ones here she'll go on the rampage with GP/Hospital and anyone else in her way until she gets you sorted out.

you'll be fine really....

melsy · 23/05/2006 10:22

well managed to get myself dressed, do dd's pack lunch fr nursury and hopefully my mum can get her dressed whilst Im at appt.

good jb I ate some brekky couple of hrs ago , as cant eat now.

Ive got to attempt specimen bottle now

I feel sick

ahhhhh big cook little cook doing my head in, dd's quite happy though.

OP posts:
MissChief · 23/05/2006 12:40

are you back, melsy? you okay??

melsy · 23/05/2006 16:16

hhh MissChiedf thankyou for checking up on me ,and thanx ante natal girls also.

My mum got here to look after dd and saw my face at the door and said she'd ferry me around today , I was in no fit state to drive , having worked myself up to shaking. She also took dd to nursury and then gave me lunch at hers , nice mummy, think I needed that today.

How ironic that it should be the midwife that I had problems with 3 yrs ago!!!! I told her so too, I said your part of my PTSD history so Id rather not see you !!!She was totally fine with it and even said may be I should go to ante natal unit at the hospital Im booked in at , so that I can dissasociate from the midwives at my surgury. She also admitted to being quite lost when I was in her care 3yrs ago, she was totally , had only just qaulified and was new to the community. I just didnt need that the state I was in then.

Its taken me all day to calm down , and Im still a bit on edge. Every check was fine , my mum said she could hear baby's heart beat in the surgurys waiting room!!!!! My low bp has shot up to normal today also , possibly due to the high anxiety !!

Ive made my next appt at the hospital with the ante natal team, as I think it may be good to get used to being in there, they also informed me I still have a Consultant check up , which no one had told me about, but Im going to keep it anyway and check before that its not the inept twit that sent me away with no care of my history.

Now I have to get through to Thursday , as have mental health assesmant. Im surprised im not on funny farm already.

OP posts:
MissChief · 23/05/2006 17:01

ah - so glad all the tests were fine, congratulations, it's wonderful hearing the heartbeat isn't it? Sounds like your mum's been a star too! Hope you can relax a bit more now - take care x

MissChief · 23/05/2006 17:02

ah - so glad all the tests were fine, congratulations, it's wonderful hearing the heartbeat isn't it? Sounds like your mum's been a star too! Hope you can relax a bit more now - take care x

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