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burning pain in shoulder - preg related?

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olivo · 16/05/2006 13:41

i'm nearly 26 wks pg and for the last 10 days or so, i have been suffering from a burning pain in my right shoulder, close to the vertebrae. it seems to get worse as the day goes on. it cant be cos of my sleeping as i go to sleep on my left and invariably wake up on my back! it couldnt be preg related could it

any ideas? it hurts!!!!a lot!!!

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Katymac · 16/05/2006 13:42

Why not pop and see your doctor or midwife - it can't do any harm and they might reassure you things are OK

HappyMumof2 · 16/05/2006 13:44

could be. I would talk to your MW about it.

I know with an ectopic you can get shoulder pain, obviously yours isn't that! but if that can cause it then there must be some connection between that area and shoulder, I would think?

olivo · 16/05/2006 13:44

have an appt next week but am loathe to go sooner as we have to pay here.Sad

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olivo · 16/05/2006 13:48

hadnt thought about the shoulder pain/ ectopic thing - maybe there is some sort of connection later on too.will google.......if i dare!

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AnnieSG · 16/05/2006 14:04

I had this lots with preg 1. I used to get it (and still do) very very occasionally, but it really increased at that time. You ought to get iot checked because it's true that shouldertip pain can be referred from elsewhere, but an osteopath once explained to me that there was a big nerve that ran right up the back and over the shoulder, and that when it got tight or trapped, it caused this horrible pain.

HappyMumof2 · 16/05/2006 14:08

could just be baby is laying on a nerve or something, which is causing shoulder pain?

dd lay on a nerve which caused me a lot of discomfort, could just be your baby is laying on a different nerve!

Not much use really - sorry!

You could just ring the MW and see if they want you to go in?

olivo · 16/05/2006 15:19

hmmm, think I'd better give in and go to the docs. maybe I'll phone and see if a visit is really necessary. thanks for your help everyone.

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chapsmum · 16/05/2006 16:15

olivio, have posted for you in the health section, you are really too late on to be worried about an ectopic and I'm presuming that you have already a scan. The pain you get in ectopic is usually shoulder tip, rather than shoulder blade.
I think however you should go to you r drs especially if you have been feeling shot of breath or have been coughing anything up. It could be a chest infection but (and I dont want to scare you) it could be a blood clot both are very treaatable so dont worry but do go to the drs, esoecially if you are having any other symptoms.

HappyMumof2 · 16/05/2006 16:18

I don't think olivo thought it was ectopic chapsmum, just that due to the pain from ectopic sometimes being felt in the shoulder, we wondered if there was some connection with a nerve or something?

olivo · 16/05/2006 16:51

chapsmum - think i may have worded previous post wrongly!it was the relation between shoulders and 'reproductive system' (!) in ectopics that made me wonder if maybe there is an ongoing link between shoulders and wombs or whatever during pregnancy.

thanks for the suggestion of chest infection etc, think i will go and get it checked out, just to be on the safe side.

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