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Painful nipples in early pregnancy - help please?

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calsworld · 05/05/2006 16:51

I have been struggling for about two weeks with incredibly painful nipples. I know tender breasts are normal but this is different. They aren't dry and don't look any different (except maybe a bit purple / black when in pain) but it sometimes feels like some one is squeezing them with hot tongs! Usually happens in the morning. Does anyone know what I'm talking about - is there anything I can do about it?

OP posts:
Asur · 05/05/2006 17:45

I can't really help you with this but if it makes you feel any better, I've had this problem for months. Has gradually got better/less frequent and am hoping that it will disappear after baby arrives.

Really is painful and mine have gone purple/black too when they are sore - looks like they're bruised. Very strange thing and I haven't heard of many people suffering from it so I thought I was just weird.. I did read something at one point which said if you have painful nipples with a pulling/squeezing sensation then it is caused by "bad placement of nipples" and there's nothing you can do about it. Not very helpful I'm afraid.

The only thing that I've found to relieve the pain is heat - really hot shower in the morning seemed to relieve it a bit for me but mainly just wait for the pain to go.

Sorry I'm not more help but if my experience is anything to go by then it does get better. Not sure how far on you are but I've found it has become less frequent the further on in the pregnancy. Good luck with it though, hopefully it'll get better for you soon. :)

kitty4paws · 05/05/2006 22:24

I had this with pg #2 and found that if there was as drop in temp it would "set them off" ! Grin

It was agonising.

I took to wearing small pieces of felt in my bra as nipple warmers, not very attractive but did the trick.

Maybe when you first wake up in the morning the change from warm bed to cold room is the problem ?? or going outside after being in the house ?

Good luck.

MichMoo16 · 18/05/2006 17:04

I had the same problem, I remember walking around the chilled food dept in the supermarket nearly in tears as the pain was so bad. Mine used to have the dark purple/black spots in them too. Heat was the only thing that worked so I used to walk round with my arms folded across my chest alot of the time! Why dont you try breast pads - you'll need them after birth anyway so gives you a chance to get used to them and might do the trick of warming you up.

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