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Anyone had corticosteroids for poss preterm labour and then child been full term?

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heartinthecountry · 28/04/2006 10:20

Hiya - it is looking possible that this baby might come early so hospital want to give me corticosteroids to help baby's lungs etc. The benefits if she does come early seem pretty clear. My concern is that if it is done just as a precaution and she doesn't really need them, will it have any long term effect on her?

Anyone out there whose child had the steroid injections, wasn't prem, and had no adverse side effects?

Just want to make sure I make an informed decision.

Thanks so much

OP posts:
CarmenH · 28/04/2006 10:28

HITC I don't think that there is any evidence of side-effects from steroid injections if a baby makes it to term but the benefits if your baby is born early are huge. I would really strongly advise having them if your doc thinks that baby might be premature.

desperateSCOUSEwife · 28/04/2006 10:30

hitc i had the injection at 36 weeks with ds1
as was in labour
he is 12 now and no side effects
good luck sweetie

threebob · 28/04/2006 10:45

I remember reading on one of those Mumsnet newsupdate thingies that 1 dose of steroids has been shown to be absolutely fine.

They take a while to work - so it is a risk worth taking IMO, rather than dithering and then having them too late.

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