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i'm expecting

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chickster1981 · 27/04/2006 18:12

:O this is my thrid pregnancy but will be my second babba i feel scared that i will lose this one too any advice ladies i am 5 weeks i lost my last one last sept we think i was 8 weeks then or 12 we was going for a dating scan but lost it the day b4

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FioFio · 27/04/2006 18:15

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted

kayzed · 27/04/2006 18:16

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Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Anadarling · 27/04/2006 18:25

Many congrats!
I know how scary it is. I have 2 babies here and 1 in heaven.
I'll tell you what I did .

  • Eliminate caffeine (even chocolate)
  • No hoovering. May seem funny, but I got a book on how to prevent premature labour (I had a very premature labour).
  • No swimming, baths, just showering with lukewarm water.
  • Just loose clothing waistdown.
  • NO exercise other than walking
    *Plenty of rest...
    sorry, kids are upset, have to go now
slinkstah · 27/04/2006 18:45

congratulations, come and join the pg after mc thread that kayzed linked too. we have just had our first birth on there this morning:) its full of women who lost babies at all different stages and support eachother through the anxiety and stress.
there are women who are due soon to women who have just had bfp too:)

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