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help-chicken pox

12 replies

fairyglo · 27/04/2006 12:56

I'm 36 weeks pregnant. Just seen a sign today saying that Ds' nursery has an out break of chicken pox. He hasn't had it. I think I had it as a child. Help, is this a problem?

OP posts:
myermay · 27/04/2006 12:58

no you'll be fine - after 20 wks you're ok. Has ds had it? hopefully he'll get it b4 baby is born or just avoid it. It' be horrible for your newborn to get it

wannaBe1974 · 27/04/2006 14:37

if you've had it as a child then you'll be fine, if not, then the crutial time to not catch it is up to 20 weeks (obviously you're out of that period now) and 5 days before the birth of your baby as you won't have developed imunity to it and the baby can then be born with it. so hope that your ds catches it soon :)

maretta · 27/04/2006 14:42

If you're worried you can have a blood test to get your immunity checked.

sniff · 27/04/2006 14:49

This has just happenend at our school to and my eldest sons best friend mom has it I looked on a website and it says a baby can catch in inutero in the third trimester but its very rare
I to am 36 weeks DS wants to play there still tommorrow but I am not sure wether to let him or not I would check with your midwife to be sure I dont know how reliable the info I have is

fairyglo · 27/04/2006 15:01

oh dear, Sniff, its just what's needed right now, isn't it? ok, so basically, if I have had it as a child (and I need to check with my mum tonight), baby and I should be safe? right? and actually it is in our interest for ds to get it and get over it?

OP posts:
sniff · 27/04/2006 18:46

yeah I would want DS to get it but not with a newborn around they dont sleep well when they have the pox as they itch so much so you would be shattered if you had the baby early

I hope you all dont get it I had it as a child and my kids had it last year so I think I should be safe but I am staying away from ds friends mom just incase!!!

SuperSaint · 27/04/2006 20:22

Hi FairyGlo & Sniff,

I know how you feel. I'm 35 weeks pregnant and my DD (nearly 3) had a nasty dose of chicken pox 2 weeks ago. Like you I was worried but I am 100% certain I had it as a child and as long as that is the case you and the baby will be fine. A newborn inherits the mother's immunity for approx 6 months after birth. As the others say, it is only dengerous if the mother hasn't had it before and gets it either before 20 weeks or just as they are giving birth.

If you are not sure whether you have had it I would suggest getting the immunity test as then at least you will know one way or the other. Unfortunately, chicken pox is one of those illnesses where it is contagious (sp?) before the child has any signs they've got it.

For me the hardest thing was looking after DD. She was really unwell and wanted to be carried all the time which I found so hard. It really exhausted me so if your DS does get chicken pox I would advise you to try and get some help looking after him.

Sniff - personally I would not go to see your DS's friend tomorrow as I would not want my child to get it so close to my due date becasue it was so tiring looking after DD. It took my DD exactly 2 weeks from contact with another child who had it for her to develop the spots and the illness.

Sorry if I sound like a know-it-all (I'm not) but I did do alot of research when DD came into contact with it and you seem to have the same worries as me. Take care and let us know how your DSs are.

spinach · 27/04/2006 21:50

why is it dangerous to catch it before 20 weeks... outbreak at our nursery and I'm 12 weeks.... mum not sure if i've had it!

fairyglo · 27/04/2006 23:23

Thanks, very helpful. 2 weeks incubation sounds alarming - the idea of a fractious nearly 3 year old going down with chicken pox when I would be nearly 38 weeks doesn't sound fun so here's hoping ds doesn't get this this time round. Incidently, why is it dangerous just as you are giving birth, given that the newborn gets immunity from the Mum?

and hope Spinach is in the clear too. Must be chicken pox season - and just as we were finally getting out of all the cold weather illnesses (unless we all go to the same nursery and just don't know each other in real life :)).

OP posts:
LeahE · 27/04/2006 23:43

fairyglo - If you've not already had it and go down with it just before giving birth your DC won't get immunity from you (because you don't have immunity yet) but is very likely to catch the virus, which is why it's dangerous. If you have already had it then (a) you won't get it anyway and (b) your new DC will have (at least partial) immunity from you.

LeahE · 27/04/2006 23:44

spinach -- there is a blood test that your GP could order, I think, to see if you've got immunity.

sniff · 28/04/2006 15:08

super saint thanks very much I have taken your advice better to be on the safe side and I agree a two year old with chicken pox and a pregnancy at term is not something to encourage

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