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Fee05 · 26/04/2006 18:15

I have just read on the NCT website that you shouldn't eat ready prepared coleslaw when pregnant. Anyone heard of this? I am already sufering from withdrawal from peanut butter and prawns.

OP posts:
cod · 26/04/2006 18:15

oh fgs

beansprout · 26/04/2006 18:21

The thing to avoid is unpasteurised mayo which may be in coleslaw. That's why they are giving that advice. Ignore cod Grin

cod · 26/04/2006 18:21



CarolinaMoonfish · 26/04/2006 18:23

you're not likely to get unpasteurised mayo in bought coleslaw.

I would maybe avoid it in e.g. salad bars/sandwich shops where it may be hanging around at the wrong temp for too long, but supermarket stuff should be fine.

Fee05 · 26/04/2006 18:26

thanks for the advice

OP posts:
Seona1973 · 26/04/2006 19:35

p.s. prawns are fine to eat as long as they are well cooked and served hot as part of a meal i.e. not raw or eaten cold - had a lovely paella the other night complete with prawns and mussels

bubbly1973 · 26/04/2006 22:26

i asked this question a few weeks ago but under the 'food' thread, anyway i checked on the net and the advice was not to eat it incase the carrots/cabbage etc wasnt washed properly and so risk of getting listeria.

now i never thought about listeria, i was trying to find out if you could eat it or not incase it had raw egg in it..

..i should add that i been eating coleslaw and salad from the donar kebab shop(im pregnant, i love food at the moment!!)...but now i know about the listeria, id rather not eat it cos id never forgive myself if something bad happened

CarolinaMoonfish · 26/04/2006 22:37

christ, is it really the coleslaw you ought to be worrying about? Shock

bubbly1973 · 26/04/2006 22:44

i know, but some women like gherkins and icecream... this beachedwhale likes donar kebabs!!
mcdonalds, and kfc!!

Coolmama · 27/04/2006 15:48

My GP's wife is an ob/gyn and has been for 25yrs - she has vague recollections of a woman she saw once just after she qualified with a potential case of listeria and hasn't seen another one since - can't imagine it's a huge threat - the coleslaw thing is because of the mayo with raw egg, I think.

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