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How did your labour start? was it anything like this???

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diddle · 25/04/2006 21:00

I am having contractions every 5 mins, not painful, apparently braxton hicks, i'm not dilated at all. But has anyone had this and then gone into labour soon after? Could i be in slow labour

OP posts:
starlover · 25/04/2006 21:02

i had that for a week before I went into labour... on and off

Dunnyjo · 25/04/2006 21:06

I have been having them like this for nearly 2 wks. But as time is going on they feel stronger. For the past couple of days i have been walkin around feeling as though its about to fall out!
Last night i was in agony with cramp pains and aching inner thighs.
So i am not sure if it means slow labour with contractions every 5 min but something must be going on down there!

Dunnyjo · 25/04/2006 21:06

when are you due diddle?

hugeheadofhair · 25/04/2006 21:12

If you're still able to do things and talk properly when you have a contraction, it might not be the real thing yet, but obviously your body is preparing for it. I had quite a few false starts though (not that this will deffo happen to you, everybody's different), with contractions lasting for a good few hours and then stopping again. Take it as it comes, and make sure you're well rested and fed for the real thing! Good luck, I hope you don't have to wait too long!

diddle · 26/04/2006 08:09

thank you, i have 6 weeks to go, due the 8th June, so hopefully its not early labour, but it is concerning me a little.
It doesn't hurt but takes my breath away. very odd. This is my first so i just wondered if it could be on its way.
I'm sure these contractions must be doing something. we'll see.

OP posts:
CarolinaMoonfish · 26/04/2006 08:19

I had that on and off for the week before I went into labour. As you've got 6 weeks still to go, I'd mention it to my MW if I were you, just to reassure myself.

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