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Christmas Babies - Scared, excited.......

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lennied · 22/04/2006 20:50

Hi there,

I found out last week that I am pregnant, now about 5.5 weeks (will be first baby - although had one v early m/c at 4.5 weeks). Now the symptoms are kicking in and I think that I am going mad! Got mild stomach cramps and am so worried that something will go wrong. Although have scoured the boards and it seems very common, but can't seem to relax. Have almost convinced myself that it won't work out well. Have only been trying for a few months - so lucky really that have conceived twice in that time but still so scared. And then when I'm not scared I am down right excited about a little Christmas baby. Keep grinning to myself. Am I going insane or are these moodswings normal??

Anyway, really wanted just to say hi and although I've never posted before you have all helped me out through TTC and the early days of pg. Thanks for that.

OP posts:
BethAndHerBrood · 22/04/2006 21:37


I've never had a winter baby, mine are all july and august, but it must be lovely to bundle your "parcel" up in cosy blankets and woolly coats!!!

Have you got a date?

lucy5 · 22/04/2006 21:40

Hello and congratulations. Im due on December the 5th and dd was born on Dec 13th, she was supposed to be born on Christmas day but luckily was early. If you look under antenatal clubs there is a thread going for December

Mandymoo · 22/04/2006 21:42

Congratulations - dd (3.4) was born on 7th December and it was so lovely with the three of us all cosied up together over Christmas etc. I am currently 38 wks pregnant - its been nice haveing mat leave in the Spring this time around!

Congrats and good luck! X

bramblina · 22/04/2006 21:45

Congratulations, and take it easy. My b'day is Dec 16 and I love it.

bettythebuilder · 22/04/2006 21:48

Hello lennied, congrats on the pregnancy!
Don't let anyone make you feel guilty about having a Christmas baby Smile... you'll hear it all...oh, poor thing, what did you do that if you've planned it!
My dd was born on christmas day 3 years ago and I like to think it makes her rather special.

myalias · 22/04/2006 21:50

My ds2 was due on the 22nd Dec ..... he arrived on Christmas Day! it was perfect dh was off work we had relatives to help out and it was just wonderful spending the rest of the Christmas holiday together. It also snowed for the first time in years and it was the icing on the cake.

lennied · 23/04/2006 11:06

Am due 26/12, but I think my husband would like the baby born at New Year as he hates New Year's Eve parties, and thinks it would be nice to have another reason to celebrate. Think he might be asking a bit too much there though! Thanks everyone, have made me feel much better and I'll hop along to December antenatal now. He he, excited again!!

OP posts:
Chiiicken · 30/04/2006 19:06

Hi, I am due on 5th December and we cannot for our first bundle of joy to arrive by Xmas! I am looking forward to getting the Xmas tree early and decorating it before the baby arrives. And being at home over xmas with the fire roaring, xmas tree lights and a new baby!
How special will out Xmas be!!! Extra special!
L x

jabberwocky · 01/05/2006 00:55

Another Christmas baby here. EDD is the 15th but section will be the 7th. I am really excited about having the baby in time for the family to come visit for the holidays. Am thinking we will be fairly ready for the onslaught at 3 weeks, plus they will mostly be staying at my parent's house.

lucy5 · 01/05/2006 08:33

It was putting up the Christmas tree last time that sent me into labour. Dd was due on Christmas day but was actually born on the 13th. Just had my first scan for this one and it says he/she is due on the 8th so i'm hoping that he/she doesn't come on on dd's birthday! Whoops!

Auntymandy · 01/05/2006 08:48

my ds was due Christmas eve. as the other 3 were late I thought I would get through Christmas ok.
Guess when he was born? Christmas Eve!! just after the special episode of Eastenders when jamie died!!! Got home for Christmas diner though! :)

yomellamoHelly · 08/05/2006 20:42

Hi lennied! Congratulations
Another christmas baby here. EDD is 19/12 and ds was 5 days late. In an ideal world it's not exactly what I'd have planned but after 14 months ttc I am just ecstatic to be finally pg. Hope db forgives me.

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