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WATCH CHANNEL 4................................. NOW

17 replies

RTKangaMummy · 22/04/2006 19:06




OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 22/04/2006 19:11



Life Before Birth

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Channel 4

VIDEO Plus+: 14087
Repeat, Subtitled

Feature-length documentary revealing the development of a human baby from conception to birth. Groundbreaking photography and the latest 4D scanning techniques are employed to gain astounding insights into the secrets of life in the womb where, it now appears, the human foetus develops at a faster rate than was previously considered the case. The film is set to an original poem by Roger McGough.


OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 22/04/2006 20:04

ARE YOU WATCHING???????????????????????????

OP posts:
slinkstah · 22/04/2006 20:18

im watching:)
i missed half of it though do you know if its repeated at any time on more 4 or e4?

RTKangaMummy · 22/04/2006 20:21

No it isn't in the near future Sad

It is a repeat from a while ago

Probably out on DVD

OP posts:
waterfalls · 22/04/2006 20:24

oH, CRAP CRAP CRAP, missed most of it againAngry

slinkstah · 22/04/2006 20:24

ah well at least i got to see some of it, its fab i have my 8 year old ds amazed by it

debdebs · 22/04/2006 20:28

OK. I've waited a year for this programme to come back on. I phoned Channel 4 and begged them to repeat it. I bought the In The Womb and was disatisfied by it (it lacks the serene poetry and has a VERY American feel to it), and now I've switched on the TV to find it on C4, half way through.

Someone somewhere must be taping it on DVD. I'm so wound up I can't get myself to watch the remaining half! Sad

Please send me a copy, I'll pay for it.

My email address is debbie(at)

Please replace (at) with @

Many Thanks


bubbly1973 · 22/04/2006 21:08

rtkangamummy, i been waiting a whole year for this programme too, and i really would have been upset had i missed it, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of us mumsnetters and taking the time to post to let us know.

i am very grateful


spacecadet · 22/04/2006 21:10

that programme was fantastic-i got all emotional too, im a milksop, the miracle of life never ceases to amaze me.

RTKangaMummy · 22/04/2006 21:15

You're welcome Smile

Sorry the rest of you missed it this time round

OP posts:
PinkTulips · 22/04/2006 21:23

oh dear, caught the last half hour of it and was counting on it being repeated. had me in floods of tears (pregnant and hormonal so i have an excuse!)

sniff · 23/04/2006 10:10

I cried to whilst thinking how clever we all are!!

SHHHH · 23/04/2006 22:07

DH & I watched it a year ago when around 34ish weeks pregnant with dd, amazed the pair of us..I have sky+'d it and intend to watch it when I next have a few hours rest while dd sleeps...Will prepare myself though for wanting another after I have watched it.......

diddle · 24/04/2006 12:36

I watched it and sobbed too. I was miscarrying the first time it was on and couldn't bear to watch it. so i am thrilled it wasd repeated now, when i'm 33 wks pregnant. Isn't life amazing. I loved it. But sorry didn't record it.

SHHHH · 24/04/2006 15:23

congrats diddle...Watching it the 1st time made dh & I realise even more how precious a pregnancy is. Everything that is stacked against baby being made is amazing. We had suffered x2 mc's previously, watching it made everything fall into place iykwim.

BTW dd is now a mad (nearly) 1 year old..!! Grin.

Hope all goes well with baby.

fenny1 · 24/04/2006 15:30

It made me cry! Was watching the first half thinking how clever it all is and then the second half thinking I've got one of those!!!!!!

Pinchypants · 24/04/2006 17:30

Wasn't it just amazing? We had our 4D scan on Saturday morning so it was perfect timing after seeing our own baba so clearly at 25 weeks. MIL called in tears afterwards, bless her. Really brought home to me what a miracle this is, and made me so aware that there is a tiny little perfect person inside me right now who has reactions to everything I say, feel and eat - it feels like so much responsibility all of a sudden! My sister just leaned over me and yelled 'Oi! when they talked about what the baby can hear. I explained she didn't need to shout. She is 31, by the way...

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