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Buggy Pod??

14 replies

malachismum · 19/04/2006 09:06

Has anyone ever used one?? It is a toddler sat with back wheels that clips on to the side of your pram/buggy. Bit like a side car for your toddler! My ds will be 2 when baby is born and although likes to walk a lot I feel I still need somewhere for him to sit on long journeys and the fact I can strap him in is a bonus!!!

OP posts:
Wembley · 19/04/2006 09:19

Have you thought about a buggy board? I really didn't think it would work for us but actually it was great and because she wasn't sat down all the time it eventually taught her to walk along side the pram/buggy. She has just turned 3 and is very happy to walk everywhere. My other option was a cross the shoulder sling for the baby and the buggy for my toddler. Kept my sling under the buggy so I could swap the children around when my toddler became tired/bored of walking. I have to say the buggy board option was the more useful. It's all trial and error! Good luck :)

sniff · 19/04/2006 09:37

I have bought one it mine is great because my two year old wouldnt stand on a buggy board for long

malachismum · 19/04/2006 12:51

I did think about a buggy board but things like supermarkets and shopping centres come to mind where Id rather he was strapped in! He is good at walking holding on to the buggy or my hand and also the buggy pod has a rain cover. I guess the buggy pod is a good compromise between a buggy board and a sisde by side double! Although the buggy board that lets the child sit seems like a good idea although not much of a view for them.

OP posts:
compo · 19/04/2006 13:12

Can't remember where I read it but I heard they weren't very safe

malachismum · 21/04/2006 17:19

Really, damn I wonder why.I cant seem to find any reviews on them.

OP posts:
kbaby · 23/04/2006 13:26

My friend has one and says its fine so far. He boy is 22 months. She wouldnt use it all the time but said its good for occasional use. ie in shops etc.

malachismum · 23/04/2006 20:27

Ive just ordered one now so we'll see what its like.
Ds loves to walk but he cant manage long days out as hes only 21months so this seems like a good idea.

OP posts:
pol25 · 24/04/2006 14:06

We are getting one as DD wil be just two or nearly two when bubba arrives and I wanted a pram with bubba 2, I know it's mad as prob go straight to buggy after two weeks or so but the buggypod can fit both...
Think they are a great idea and seen a few out and about- general consensus (sorry about spello) is they are great for occ. use.

Nbg · 24/04/2006 14:09

Malachismum, they only came out a couple of months back. They should have come out earlier but were delayed for some reason.

There was a thread on them a few weeks ago and someone had bought one but wasn't too impressed by it.

I was going to get one to fit on to our Quinny as dd will be nearly 3 but tbh I think she would like the buggy boards or litaf seat better.

jamsam · 24/04/2006 14:14

just googled it..looks fantastic, i wish i had had one of those instead of a massivetandem, my ds1 was only 20 months when ds2 was born and was always on the go..but they still need somewhere to sit now and again, how much would it cost you and do you already have a good buggy to put it on?? those are the burning questions!

malachismum · 24/04/2006 14:30

Well they are £80 and the rain cover is £15. So quite a bargain really. I have a pram to attach it to and a stroller so pretty covered.
I think the sit down buggy boards are a great idea but its a case of keeping ds on it as he will only just be two when baby arrives also I like the idea of him having a better view to keep him occupied plus a rain cover.
I looked at the Cossato Duet Lite but ds is too tall and the hood wont go over his head and you need it to attach the rain cover!!!!

OP posts:
burstingbug · 24/04/2006 14:42

Having read this thread and looked at the pods on various websites, I'm now toying with the idea of getting one. My ds will be 18mths when my next one is born. It is half the price of the doubble pushchairs I have been looking at.
Or do you think I'm mad for considering it for an 18mth old? Considering ds is not yet walking at 14mths

malachismum · 24/04/2006 17:49

Well it looks comfy enough, a bit like a pushchair. But they pick things up so quickly so he might suddenly walk and before you know it be running!!
Ill tell you what mines like when it arrives, should be dispatched on 5th May.

OP posts:
burstingbug · 24/04/2006 22:13

He takes about 4 steps then he prefers to crawl. We'll get there!
Will be intressted to see how you find the pod, we don't have a car so have rely on buses or walk, so a fold up pod is handy. most of the double pushchairs are quite big.

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