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Looking for a maternity thong, over bump

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jamiesam · 17/04/2006 20:50

Yes, I know, but I've only recently 'discovered' thongs and I really like not having a vpl! Have found some online for £9 each and wondered if anyone had bought them in real life (ie not online) and for less than that maybe?

OP posts:
chocolateshoes · 17/04/2006 21:39

I just wore normal ones under my bump. Have you tried 'Next'?

starlover · 17/04/2006 21:39

an over the bump thong???????????? this i have to see! (not in real life, you understand!)

marthamoo · 17/04/2006 21:40

I'm just thinking of the piles I had in pregnancy....


Flamesparrow · 17/04/2006 21:42

I had some great under bump ones from M&S... no idea where you;d get over bump though...

Flamesparrow · 17/04/2006 21:43

I had some great under bump ones from M&S... not seen any over bump though.

jamiesam · 18/04/2006 13:00

Bump (lol)

Want over the bump thong because of (old) c/s scar which low pants tend to irritate. Fortunately never had piles with previous pg - crossed fingers for this time too.

OP posts:
Flamesparrow · 18/04/2006 14:30

Oh, I understand now. Not that that helps really... Blush

cod · 18/04/2006 14:31

why why why

g ross

spacecadet · 18/04/2006 14:32

have seen them in blooming marvelous but think they are nine pounds there.

Flamesparrow · 18/04/2006 14:32

Oh fgs - why gross??? Surely when you are pregnant you get to wear what you find comfortable regardless of how it looks??? Angry

cod · 18/04/2006 14:33
kbaby · 18/04/2006 14:33

why dont you buy a bigger size, then theyll come up over your bump.

beckybrastraps · 18/04/2006 14:34

What?! I can't even begin to imagine how daft that would look. Like one of those old belts for holding up STs, only much higher. Yuk!

spacecadet · 18/04/2006 14:35


Flamesparrow · 18/04/2006 14:35

1 1/2 hours sleep last night... a bit tetchy....

cod · 18/04/2006 14:43


LadyTophamHatt · 18/04/2006 14:46

I agree with cod....WHY?????

I did wear them occaisionally when PG with DS3 but it was when I really couldn't wear my big comfy pants instead.

(and I just bought a huge size so saved ££££)

cod · 18/04/2006 14:53

lets face it no one NOT A SOUL is admiring your arse when youa re pg

jamiesam · 18/04/2006 21:30

LOL Cod.

As it happens, not a soul would be admiring my arse when I wasn't pg - I'm not that sort of girl! It's purely for my own comfort/ satisfaction.

I'll take Kbaby's advice and buy a couple in larger size (omg - what size is a 38" waist - I really am going to be vast)

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