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will it be normal again?

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lemontree · 08/04/2006 10:47

Abit personal but does everything always go back to normal down below after a vaginal birth? I am scared that it won't, because while being pregnant I already feel like it has stretched inside and sex feels different. Thought it might be because i have more discharge...really sorry for tmi. This is my third, and it was ok last time but it has been 11 years ??? Older body=older muscles..less elastic?

OP posts:
Piffle · 08/04/2006 11:02

Mine has snapped back twice
Do your kegels, dp has said honestly at first it was a little looser, but within 3 mths, it was as good as its ever been...

I had 9 yrs between mine btw :)

LadyTophamHatt · 08/04/2006 11:05

Dh hasn't complained(and neither do I, IYKWIMWinkWink) and I have 3, 2 yrs betwenn each so hardly enough time for muscles to strengthen beofre I was Pg again.

Windsor30 · 09/05/2006 17:56

So glad you asked this as to be honest it's been on my mind. We have 4 siblings between us and 9 nieces/nephews all born via c/section. My other half sees it as my duty to break the pattern and avoid the sun roof option!. I of course would prefer to give birth naturally but my sister in law has made some comments on what this would mean for our sex life and I dread the look of disappointment on his face if he suddenly finds his organ playing in a cathedral! Am kegeling as I type!

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