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Did you stop driving at some point when pregnant? If so when?

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RooneyMara · 25/11/2012 13:14


I'm just wondering if I ought to stop. I'm 34 weeks and this morning was in quite a bit of discomfort from SPD etc (had to stand by counter in the shop for about 20 minutes while they tried to ring round and find the price of something I'd returned (with receipt but they had to check)

So we went to park a bit further up for another shop, and I parked badly, tried to re-park, and managed to hit the car in front gently - which luckily had a massive towhook on the back, which our number plate hit, so no damage to anything.

I never hit other cars...I've been driving since 1995 with a break in the middle, but started again in 2007 and have only ever hit anything once and that was a small tree, in 2007. Again very slowly while reversing.

I'm worried now. I think it's like, when you have bad period pain and you can't concentrate properly, and you drop things, or trip over, etc. That always makes me clumsy. And I don't think this pain will improve before I have the baby so I'm thinking, should I stop now?

It'll make life very hard esp having SPD as walking anywhere makes it worse - but I don't want to be a danger to us, or to anyone else.

I've never had a car while pg before so thought I'd ask what other people do at this stage.

Thanks for reading x

OP posts:
MoaningMingeWhimpersAgain · 25/11/2012 13:18

No I drove throughout both pregnancies. It was bad enough not being able to drive after having sections Grin

I did find I could only just wedge my massive bump in behind the steering wheel, and SPD meant that getting in the car gave me a bad stabbing pain in the crotch.

But if you are finding the pain very distracting and feel you can't concentrate then do stop driving, of course.

MrsBungleBear · 25/11/2012 13:20

No I didn't. I found a black bin bag on my seat helped with getting in and out of the car with SPD. I could kind of swivel which didn't hurt as much.

If you feel you are not driving properly, though, then you should stop as that is dangerous.

gardenpixies32 · 25/11/2012 13:26

I drove until the day I gave birth to my twins and had a gargantuan bump. I was measuring 45 weeks at 34+5 on the day I had them. I did struggle to reach the steering wheel though.

AliceWChild · 25/11/2012 13:29

I stopped for the last few weeks when it became painful and awkward. If it is impeding your driving the sensible thing to do is stop. You don't want to injure yourself prior to labour, or injure anyone else.

RooneyMara · 25/11/2012 13:30

Thanks guys, I'll try and limit it though I think I'll probably keep going for some trips, as it's a long way to school and back, and that just means I'm useless for the rest of the day if I walk it.

I will be extra careful as well. And try not to drive when I'm in a lot of pain as I think that's a bad idea.

OP posts:
orchidee · 25/11/2012 13:36

Have you spoken to your midwife or maternity physiotherapist about it? They may have some good advice.

LavenderPots · 25/11/2012 13:38

i stopped driving when i crashed into a (low) wall 6 weeks before birth i found i obviously waasn't concentrating properly, i was then frightened that i would be putting myself / others in danger if driving so did not drive till around 6 weeks post birth when i was fine

RooneyMara · 25/11/2012 13:39

Yes, I've asked the midwife a few times - she said go and buy a support belt from a shop, but couldn't say where or what sort. So I didn't bother.

I wish I had asked for a referral to a physio now but tbh the mW made it kind of clear she didn't have time to help any further - it's just 'normal' apparently. She told me it's because I'm old! (39)

OP posts:
RooneyMara · 25/11/2012 13:41

Lavender - that's how I feel. It's not that I'm losing my wits - I just am distracted and I think compensating for the pain.

Like at home, I keep dropping things, and tripping, and so on because I'm walking funny. You kind of anticipate the pain and stop yourself moving in the usual way, to try and avoid it hurting, and then it all goes a little bit wrong.

OP posts:
ThompsonTwins · 25/11/2012 13:42

No I couldn't stop driving, there was no option. One day, though, I parked too close to the next car and became stuck halfway. I was unable to get back into the car or get out. I waited until a woman came along and asked her to push me back into the car!

motherinferior · 25/11/2012 13:43

I passed my test at 37 weeks. And then gave birth five days later.

RooneyMara · 25/11/2012 13:44

MI Shock that's impressive.

Thompson, Oh dear!!! how funny Grin

I am certain something like that will happen soon.

OP posts:
LoopsInHoops · 25/11/2012 13:47

Get GP to refer you to physio. My MW wasn't interested when I had SPD, but GP referred straight away.

Didn't stop driving either time.

RooneyMara · 25/11/2012 13:50

Really? Oh brilliant - well in that case I might ask the GP. Might even be able to do it over the phone I suppose.

Thankyou x

OP posts:
mrsbugsywugsy · 25/11/2012 17:11

I hope not - DP doesn't drive and I have plans involving visiting people to pick up donated baby equipment and trips to ikea once I go on maternity leave, which will be virtually impossible if I can't drive...!

SauvignonBlanche · 25/11/2012 17:12

I stopped when the contractions got stronger.

NaturallyGullible · 25/11/2012 17:19

I drove when I was in labour.

I had to the DIY shop to get get special batteries for the keypad to our house, which meant out older kids could have access to the house while being looked after by the neighbours. I remember having to pause for a contraction while trying to pay.

My contractions were still about 5 minutes apart and the shop was 4 minutes away. DH didn't think I needed the batteries which is why he didn't go.

grahamntaylor · 24/05/2019 19:21

I trained a lady a short while ago who passed her car and trailer, B+E, test when she was 10 months pregnant
well done Cheryl

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