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placental heamorage

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dancey · 05/04/2006 13:09

Two weeks ago I went to hospital with a placental heamorage. It was really scarey, I went into labour, but luckily I stopped. After 4 days of bleeding it settled down. I have a clot on the placenta. Baby growing really well, so not affected. I'm nearly 37 weeks now.

I wondered if anyone has experienced this and what gestation week did they get to before going into spontaneoous labour? I tentatively ask (please don't scare me) how much bleeding did they have at birth?

OP posts:
Mandymoo · 07/04/2006 18:41

no advice i'm afraid but bumping for you X

red37 · 07/04/2006 19:02

I was diagnosed with a major placenta previa,bled at 34 weeks, they thought that the placenta had abrupted but it hadn't.Any type of bleeding during pregnancy can be scary. Hope you are ok. Ds2 was delivered at 37 weeks by c section. good luckSmile

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