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Urgent - What headache treatments can I use ?

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Normsnockers · 31/03/2006 10:17

Am at work with splitting headache and can't remember what I can and can't take for a bit of relief.

Secretary will be going out on errands soon and I'm too lazy to go myself so hoping for a quick response guys.

OP posts:
queenrollo · 31/03/2006 10:21

you can take paracetamol....

EnidVonTeese · 31/03/2006 10:21

solpadeine (has paracetamol, codeine and caffeine in) if really desperate and only occasionally.

Normsnockers · 31/03/2006 10:30

Thanks, am almost squinting with pain above my left eye and I never ever normally get a headache.

OP posts:
poptot · 31/03/2006 10:33

How many weeks are you?

starlover · 31/03/2006 10:33

i got horrendous headaches in pregnancy. also made my migraines re-appear

My Gp prescribed me migraleve

Normsnockers · 31/03/2006 10:41

I'm almost 16 weeks.

OP posts:
hockeymum · 31/03/2006 16:08

co-codamol (codeine and paracetamol) is very safe in pregnancy and I've had to take it for migraines this pregnancy, it works a WHOLE lot better than just paracetamol.

Normsnockers · 02/04/2006 08:30

Thanks Hockeymum,

Took some paracetomol but it only took the edge of it and I had to just wait until it wnet at tea time.

Will remember the co-codamol if it recurs

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