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tiglet · 29/03/2006 22:13

Alot of the baby books say that babies should wear vests under sleepsuits at night and yet also warn about them overheating. i had planned on sleepsuit only and adjusting room temperature if necessary. what have you heard is best? Also it must make changing harder if there's yet another layer of clothing to worry about!

OP posts:
Angeliz · 29/03/2006 22:31

I onlt put my baby in a vest when it was really freezing, if you try to keeo the room the right temperature, then i don't see the need myself. Some babies like to be swaddled snugly too so i'm sure they'd be warm enough. Plus makes midnight nappy changing twice as hardSmile

dyzzidi · 29/03/2006 22:39

I am a bit old fashioned and always dress my dd aged 14 wks in vest underneath everything. She goes to bed in a vest, babygrow, cardigan and gor bag type thing. She is a winter baby so i will stop putting one on her as it warms up.

Seona1973 · 30/03/2006 13:09

vests are great for keeping nappies in place especially if you have a wiggly baby (the vests with poppers in I mean). You dont have to totally undress to do a nappy change, you just undo the poppers and move the ends out the way.

JackieNo · 30/03/2006 13:12

I'd second Seona on the fact that vests help keep nappies on - and it's not very much more effort to undo them when you have to change the nappy, honestSmile. And later, once they're older and in pyjamas, it helps keep little hands from getting in and exploring the contents of the nappy!

mumfor1standfinaltime · 30/03/2006 13:13

I had ds in the winter and he never wore a vest under his sleepsuit. Never even thought about it! He does have a boiler/airing cupboard in his bedroom anyway and the house was always toasty. Infact most of the time I was worried about him overheating!
Think it depends on a lot of factors such as where you live, time of year, etc. Follow your instinct.Smile

kate100 · 30/03/2006 13:37

My DS's were both born in the summer and I out them to bed in just a vest when itwas very hot, DS1 was born at the height of the 2003 heat wave and sometimes all he wore was a nappy with a sheet over the top. depends on the weather, my boys are both wearig vests now but they'll come out of them soon for the summer.

SomethingAboutMary · 30/03/2006 13:52

My Dd was born in Jan & ds In sept both ahve always worn vests.

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