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Boys names

21 replies

tiglet · 24/03/2006 12:55

Can't decide between Oliver Hugo and Oliver Finlay

OP posts:
bubble99 · 24/03/2006 12:56

I prefer Finlay.

Miaou · 24/03/2006 13:15

Lurve Finlay - wanted it for ds (he is Calum instead)

purpleturtle · 24/03/2006 13:16

Vote for Finlay here too

DragonDePotage · 24/03/2006 13:17

Oliver Finlay

Fimbo · 24/03/2006 13:17

Finlay - I wanted it for ds but it doesn't go with our surname

nailpolish · 24/03/2006 13:19

my nephew is called Finn. i LOVE it.

Mazzystar · 24/03/2006 13:19

My DS is Oliver Finlay.

It rocks.

nailpolish · 24/03/2006 13:20

tiglet, i think oliver hugo sounds better. they go together better iyswim

tortoiseshell · 24/03/2006 13:21

oliver finlay

Fimbo · 24/03/2006 13:21

Nah, NP you are wrong Smile. Finlay, Finlay, Finlay!!

Mazzystar · 24/03/2006 13:23

depends a bit on surname i reckon

emmawill · 24/03/2006 13:28

I like finlay lovely name Smile

MaloryMargotTowers · 24/03/2006 13:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaisonMadame · 24/03/2006 13:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

myermay · 24/03/2006 14:19

love finlay too, wanted it for ds but dp wanted Samuel instead, which is nice but common, i still haven't forgiven him!

MamaG · 24/03/2006 14:21

I like Oliver Finlay too.

HappyMumof2 · 24/03/2006 16:12

Finlay (although I prefer it to Oliver and would have it as a first name.......)

tiglet · 24/03/2006 17:30

Thanks for all your comments - keep them coming!! Some days prefer Hugo and some prefer Finlay - just want to decide!!.

OP posts:
Pinotmum · 24/03/2006 17:47

Ds was nearly a Finlay and I still really like it so my vote would be Finlay.

mojomummy · 24/03/2006 17:57

Hugo Oliver - there are too many Finlays/Finns etc around Grin

Hugo is such a cooooooooool name

harrogatemum · 24/03/2006 17:58

I have a Finlay - so that gets my vote.

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