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oh no - varicose veins and support tights

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KMR281 · 08/10/2012 11:30

Midwife told me today that what I thought was a big bruise, was in fact likely a varicose vein, and I should start wearing support tights! oh no, feel very old now. Where can you even get support tights from?? this is quite depressing.

Plus, she didn't know what was happening re whooping cough as she'd been off on hols, so asked GP practice - only one clinic set for far for next monday, when I'm away, so can't go. Typical. Guess they will have more clinics, fingers crossed!

OP posts:
Clarella · 08/10/2012 18:29

I did get some schol support socks from boots and there's a make called preggers online - try amazon. (they also do footless support leggings) But - I actually thought its possible to get them through the doc if its decided its good idea, I know collegues with oedema had them made to measure at the hospital. Might be an idea if any one can advise whether should be whole leg or lower leg. My mother has the worst vvs I've ever seen, even after they were operated on following pregnancy and put the fear of god into me about them. I've been wearing the schol socks as a matter if course now, and only seem comfortable in leggings, as I found my legs just feel nicer at the end if the day and seems to reduce cramps at night. Come in nude and black.

I wondered about flight socks too but don't know if any different.

KMR281 · 08/10/2012 19:51

hi, well, one pharmacist advised me to get them on prescription, as there are lots of different types, and they are otherwise v. pricey. Not sure why midwife couldn't do that, but hey ho. Went into another chemist and just bought some Pretty Polly ones, so I have something to be going on with.
Will try out preggers online - thanks for the tip.
My dad and sister both had vvs - so really see that prevention would be good! Will also look for schol support socks aswell.

OP posts:
SaggyOldClothCatPuss · 08/10/2012 21:18

M&S do their own line of support tights (or used to) Not quite the whole hog like prescription stockings, but a lot less unsightly!

Lizzy1012 · 08/10/2012 23:31

Pregnancy compression stockings or leggings can definitely be helpful in preventing varicose veins and/or associated swelling. Before you decide to get compression stockings, leggings or pantyhose you should definitely check with your physician to get his recommendations for what type and compression strength would be best in your case.

Here is also an interesting site and some articles where you can read up on the subject...

Best of luck with everything!

princesslina · 09/10/2012 12:19

H&M do them they are nice thick black and really comfy and stay up, and I think they were only 7.99, I was a bit dubious at first but they feel as good as a french make I have also had (which then got a hole in!) They do other mat tights in H&M so make sure it is the support ones you get.

growyourown77 · 09/10/2012 13:42

thanks for that great site Lizzy. i was looking for options. will post back ideas once i've done a bit more research on brands...

honeysuckle1 · 04/02/2013 17:52

I bought some Preggers footless maternity tights on line from Pebble UK as well, they were really helpful and very quick delivery, they look really fashionable and gave my legs much relief, I was getting so I could not walk very far with my legs hurting so much and being big, but ladies beware, when you buy from the High St, I did it with 2 pairs as they had the words 'Support Tights' on them, after much investigation as to why my legs were getting no better, I discovered that in order to help varicose veins and the like, the tights needs to have something they call mmHG which is a measurement of pressure, This I discovered after looking on the internet and finding Pebble UK, I wish I had found them earlier as I would not have wasted my money, I have since bought some coloured footless maternity, no they are not cheap, but worth every penny, and I will still wear them after baby is born, as apparently v.v is hereditary so I will be buying some non maternity tights when these wear out from Pebble, as they have a lovley sexy range of tights and hold ups.

KMR281 · 04/02/2013 20:28

thanks honeysuckle. I forgot to update, have now had baby (Jan 10th). I ended up getting medical grade support tights on the NHS, which are difficult to put on, but really worked. I did't have bulgy veins, but what I did have has really faded away. I never got my 2nd pair for some reason, but would encourage folk to get maternity support tights via GP (Ihad to get referred to the Tissue Viability Clinic in my area to get them) as they are totally the business, and then is free. I will ask at 6 week appt if I still need to wear support tights or not. Agree the ones on the high street don't really cut the mustard, but if you wore them right from early pregnancy, perhaps would help prevent vv?

OP posts:
crikeybadger · 04/02/2013 20:41

Thanks for the update KMR2181 and congrats!
It's very good to hear that you can get the support tights on the NHS as I was led to believe you could only get the stockings.

I have awful vv's which have got progressively worse with each pregnancy. Now I'm on number 4, they are nasty to look at and painful. I had been wearing compression stockings with some support tights over the top (thanks heavens it's been chilly!), but will ask my GP about getting some tights when I see her next week.

KMR281 · 05/02/2013 11:46

@crikey - i got mediven ones, which are tights but have no toes. got measured for them. if u want can fish out box and give u fuill details. cost about £40-£80 if internet to be believed. got togo -hungry baby!

OP posts:
crikeybadger · 05/02/2013 13:59

Ah that's kind, but don't worry- you have enough to do at the moment. Smile

Huffpot · 05/02/2013 15:54

on my third pregnancy and mine are terrible. I didnt know I could get tights and leggings though as the stockings wont stay up
Will ask my GP at my next appointment Grin

honeysuckle1 · 05/02/2013 17:34

Dear Crikey badger
By wearing 'support tights' on top of compression tights is probably taking away any of the benifits that the compression tights is giving you, I suffered terribly by wearing what the High St called 'support tights' after looking on the internet in desperation and finding the company called Pebble UK
I discovered that normal High St 'support tights' without an mmHG in them do not aid the blood flow, which is what you need. They were really helpful at Pebble, and sorted me out, my veins were getting worse and worse and I could not understand why. I did not know that the NHS did tights my sister asked and her doctor gave her stockings, yeah right with a suspender belt !
they were thick and horrible anyway. I think she threw them in the bin.

crikeybadger · 05/02/2013 17:40

Thanks honeysuckle, I did look at Pebble, but the maternity tights are at least 20 pounds I think.

I am wearing the prescription full length stockings underneath the tights so I'm hoping that will give me the support I need for now. It's really just to keep the stockings up and like you say, the suspender belt look is one that I am not keen on trying out. Grin

Austinamy20 · 28/01/2017 11:45

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jernas · 29/11/2017 23:49

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