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What do i pack in my hospital bag again?!

14 replies

Mandymoo · 23/03/2006 22:47

34 weeks pregnant with #2 and i cant remember what i need to put in my hospital bag! Could someone please enlighten me before its too late!!!


OP posts:
LemonDrizzleLady · 23/03/2006 22:51

newborn nappies
scratch mitts
maternity sanitary pads
feeding bra
baby hat
(vodka..... well okay maybe not!)

LemonDrizzleLady · 23/03/2006 22:53

coat for leaving hospital (for baby)
breast pads
money for payphone

am sure lots of others will come by and add to the list for you. Smile

Hattie05 · 23/03/2006 22:55

as well as the list below.

paper knickers
mars bars (all energy boosting you see, they won't let you in the hospital without them)
Flannel to wet and have on your forehead when in labour.

rockmama · 23/03/2006 22:57

lots and lots o disposable knickers and pads
comfy clothes that you'll feel nice in after birth
a headband
and i loved having my digital radio

gothicmama · 23/03/2006 22:58

a nice shower gel
clothes for baby
comfy and nice ones for u

expatinscotland · 23/03/2006 22:59

bottoms you don't mind getting bloodied and tops you don't mind milk streaming all over.

Mandymoo · 24/03/2006 11:02

thanks for your replies - its all coming back to me now! Any more suggestions? X

OP posts:
LilacBump · 24/03/2006 11:05

i have packed mine and made a spare bag with extra maternity pads, breast pads and nappies to keep in the car. mostly because last time i ran out of maternity pads and had to send DP to buy some.

Mandymoo · 24/03/2006 11:06

how many weeks do you left Lilacbump??

OP posts:
cod · 24/03/2006 11:06


beansmum · 24/03/2006 11:07

money for the pay phone

Normsnockers · 24/03/2006 11:09

Earplugs, some babies are real screamers and it's hell trying to get any sleep even if your little one is fast asleep.

LilacBump · 24/03/2006 11:09

i'm nearly 30 weeks

PandaG · 24/03/2006 12:18

Food for DP as well as you, don't want him to nip out for a sandwich and then miss anything! Pack of cards/magazine to distract you in between contractions

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