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Has anyone tried

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Paula1 · 28/12/2001 10:47

I've been reading about this 'Selnas Method' of allegedly choosing which sex of baby that you have. I realise that this is not to everyones taste, and I am also not hung up about it, if I get the other sex, I will be absolutely fine with that. But, has anyone tried it? Or know anyone who has? They say they have over 90% success rate, and they refund the money if it doesn't work. It is also totally non-invasive, you just have to fill in a form, pay them £250 and they send you a calender with the dates highlighted pink or blue according to your requirement.

OP posts:
boyie · 28/12/2001 11:52

i only charge £100 ...i can send you a calandar with highlighted pink and blue bits and i have a 50% success rate

ScummyMummy · 28/12/2001 12:14

Snigger snigger, Boyie! I like your evil thinking. D'you want a business partner?

Batters · 28/12/2001 18:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Paula1 · 30/12/2001 15:39

Yeah, whaaaatever. Thanks for your help guys.

OP posts:
MalmoMum · 31/12/2001 08:33


Maybe you have seen it already but there is a chat a long these lines on on one of the product review pages. You have to search around for it as it's not anywhere obvious I am afraid.

I remember it as being a reasonable discussion.

All the best

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