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had d+c, how long shall i wait to try again?

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nadinetd · 20/03/2006 10:41

hi ladies,
as u may or may not have seen me before here is some background.
had a scan at 8 weeks cause had minimal bleed, doc said baby was not growing and had slow heartbeat, went back 2 weeks later and babys heartbeat had stopped, had d+c on thursday, had slight bleeding which stopped on friday, today im bleeding like a period is this usual?
how long should i leave t before trying again?i had a missed misdcarriage, did anyone else have this then go on to have a healthy baby, im so scared?
please help xxxx

OP posts:
lucykate · 20/03/2006 11:02

yes it is usual to have this bleeding, it will take longer than a period to settle down after a d&c. usually they recommend waiting at least a couple of months before trying again but i have to say, everyone i know who's been through this has never waited.

when we were trying for a second baby, i had a missed mc at 11 weeks and had a d&c, once i'd stopped bleeding from that i had 2 normal periods, then got pg again but lost it spontainiously at 7 weeks. got pg for a 3rd time 5 months after that and now have a 10mth ds!. during all of that we weren't using any contraception.

i know you will be feeling low about all this right now, but don't loose heart. the chances of you having a baby a still very high despite all this. good luck and all the best Smile

Nemo1977 · 20/03/2006 11:03

Huge hugs to you. I have had 3mcs and the last was a missed mc where I had to have a d+c. There is no time to wait but I waited until I had my first period after before I ttc again.The bleeding is normal I bled on and off for about 10days then a week later I got AF. The only positive side to d+c is that apparently it makes you more likely to concieve as your walls have had a good cleaning which makes implantation easier [allegedly]. I got pregnant the 2nd month of trying and now have a gorgeous 3mth old little girl. When you have had a mc it does completely taint a pregnancy until you get to about half way through. Only due to the worrying and stressing about if the baby will be ok. I had 2 mcs before I had my ds then the missed mc before concieving DD. If you want to chat feel free to CAT me.

nadinetd · 20/03/2006 11:11

hi thanks so much for you suppport , at least it seems there is hope, we will try again in a couple of months i think, doesnt seem to help that 8 people in my family are pregnant and 2 of my mates, why is it everyone on tv is too!!

thanks again x

OP posts:
MummyToToby · 20/03/2006 17:21

i'm gonna sound really thick now but what is a d&c

dotty2 · 28/03/2006 15:30

After my missed mc and D&C I couldn't face trying again for a while and took the pill for a bit (then conceived straight away when I stopped). So not directly useful if you want to try quickly. But I remember when I was in your position, I was desperate to hear good news stories about people who had successful pregnancies after missed mcs. So I hope that helps. I now have a gorgeous 10 month old dd and count myself very lucky. But it was such a miserable time - and pregnancy does seem to be absolutely everywhere when you've had a mc. It's just horrible - but it does get better. Take care x

rummum · 28/03/2006 15:58

I'm sorry this has happened to you... I know exactly what you mean about pregnant people everywhere..

I had a mc at 11 weeks, I had a ERPC/DC and I ovulated 2 weeks later and fell pregnant! I was told by the hospital to wait a while before trying again, but I'm not very patient!

what did the hospital say to your regarding trying again?

HappyMumof2 · 28/03/2006 16:01

I had a d & c after a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks. I waited a few months, had it in Jan 98 and fell pregnant with ds in August 98. Have since had dd (and one more miscarriage)
I think they normally say to wait for one normal period at least, although I would personally give it 3 months, just to make sure you are physically and emotionally ready.

cece · 28/03/2006 16:19

I am having an ERPC on Friday. On the leaflet they have given me it says not to have sex for 3 weeks afterwards Shock

Poor DH is gagging, what with all the bleeding .....

LucyJu · 28/03/2006 16:24

I had one missed m/c (found out at 13 week scan) and another m/c at 11 weeks. Now have a beautiful dd, aged 4.5 months. Also have a dd from before all that, aged 5.

I know most people who've posted here seem to have had more than 1 m/c, but that doesn't mean the same will happen to you. Going against the grain here, but I started trying to conceive right away after both m/cs. Never found a convincing reason to do otherwise.

I hope you will start to feel better soon and that it won't be too long before you have a gorgeous baby in your arms.

HappyMumof2 · 28/03/2006 16:43

cece - you really should wait to have sex after a d & c, just as you should after birth. You are much more vulnerable to infection.

Surely he can understand and wait a bit longer........

cece · 28/03/2006 16:51

well I know but I quite fancy it too Blush. It has been several weeks now due to all the on/off bleeding I had before the missed mc!

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