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Molar pregnancy

6 replies

pupuce · 19/03/2006 12:34

I wondered if anyone knew of someone who had suffered from a molar pregnancy. I was watching Casualty last night and it made me think. I head heard of it but don't of anyone who has had one...

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expatinscotland · 19/03/2006 12:35

I've seen two members post about their experiences. One was still bf'ing her 16-month-old daughter but unfortunately had no choice but to give it up b/c she needed chemo drugs due to molar pregnancy Sad.

It is, however, very rare, particularly a complete molar pregnancy.

soapbox · 19/03/2006 12:36

Yes, I have - there was a thread recently. I'll find it for you!

soapbox · 19/03/2006 12:38

\link{\here it is}:)

pupuce · 19/03/2006 12:40

Very interesting Soapbox... I also know you have POF... do you think the two were linked?

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soapbox · 19/03/2006 12:50

It is possible that the POF lead to crappy eggs being released. Indeed Molar pregnancy is most common in older women where egg quality is diminishing. So quite possibly I was already in peri-menopause when I had the molar.

pupuce · 19/03/2006 12:54

Interesting - can I ask how and when you realised that it was a molar pregnancy?
Thank you

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