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do you think my violent coughing fits will hurt the baby?

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bodenbetty · 16/03/2006 17:53

ERrr - That's it really. After putting up with them for a fortnight,am seeing the midwife tomorrow but am convinced that this poor little mite is going to be , at best, severely traumatised. Am I overly neurotic - as usual??!

OP posts:
Hattie05 · 16/03/2006 17:55

I don't think it will do any harm.

I remember having a bad cough (where you're nearly sick your cough so much) at the end of my first pg didn't cause any probs though.

starlover · 16/03/2006 17:58

no... can't imagine any reason why it would hurt your baby

daisy1999 · 16/03/2006 17:59

I had a really vicious cough in the early days of pregnancy and was convinced I would cough the babies(twins) out Blush
everything was fine.

fastasleep · 16/03/2006 18:00

depends how far along you are, they won't hurt the baby... but if you're nearing the time of 'readyness'...well I had a horrible cough and I coughed my waters broken (NB this happens when you're ready anyway though so don't stress hun, it's not going to harm your LO!)

Orlando · 16/03/2006 18:05

I had a horrible cough while pg with dd2, though she stayed perfectly happy floating in her quiet bubble of warm water...

It was just me who was miserable and weeing myself regularly. Grin

Filyjonk · 16/03/2006 18:25

i had exactly the same this time last year. Must have been...6 m pg. Managed to put my back out with all the coughing, it was so bad.

Dd is absolutely fine, healthy, doing everything she should, plus doesn't have ds's terror of loud noises like vacum cleaners Grin

daisy1999 · 16/03/2006 18:28

omg I forgot about the weeing Shock

bodenbetty · 16/03/2006 18:30

thanks - you are right about the weeing - I don't know which to do first - cross my legs or hold my tummy!!! I've got a few months to go so hopefully won't cough it out just yet!!
If i'm not worrying about something I worry about it.........

OP posts:
waterfalls · 16/03/2006 18:33

I imagine the woest thing for tyhe baby is the noiseGrin if your far enough along that is.

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