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bath products to avoid when preg??

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papaya · 15/03/2006 13:38

please can somone quickly remind me the ingredients in bath products that should be avoided in pregnancy?? have googled but cant seem to find anywhere that lists it??

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papaya · 15/03/2006 13:41

sorry about multiple comp is buggered.....

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RedZuleika · 15/03/2006 13:41

I think lavender is cautioned against - although some things say only in the first trimester and others in the first trimester, if you have a history of miscarriage.

jersey · 15/03/2006 15:45

My sister is an aromatherapist and she told me avoid all aromatherapy oils in bath product, oils, candles, etc. for the first trimester then only lavender in small amounts can be used for the rest of the time.


jellyjelly · 15/03/2006 16:03

when i was pregnant i went in to body shop to buy some lovely stuff had a very obvious big bump and they told me to avoid most of the stuff that they sell. Was very surprised i think one the them is geranium and will find out about the other that i am thinking about, have some upstairs thati can use now.

BettySpaghetti · 15/03/2006 16:22

I noticed that a lot of bath oils and foams had warnings on them when I was pregnant -admittedly they were ones that were aromatherapy based ( lavender, rosemary etc). Have you checked the labels?

Coolmama · 15/03/2006 18:29

this might be helpful and is taken form the book that I used as my pregnancy "bible", Dr Gordan's birht and Beyond, - he says -
using oils safely -

  1. no oils until at least 13 weeks pregnant unless you have been advised to do so by a qualified therapist or midwife.

2. Avoid - bay, basil, clary sage, comfrey, fennel, hyssop, juniper, majoram, melissa, myrrh, rosemary, thyme and sage during pregnancy.
3. If you have a history of miscarriage, avoid chamomile and lavender for the 1st 16 weeks.
4. Don't apply oils to breasts when breastfeeding as they are absorbed through the skin and can pass to baby through the breast milk.

  • My doctor also advised me to avoid a eucalyptus steam when I was 3 months pregnant - just FYI

I think the safest thing is to go for ranges tha are specifically designed for mummy -to -be or go for very mild stuff like E45 or oilatum or something.
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