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Alphabet test results?

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pucca · 13/03/2006 16:11

Hi just wondering how long does it take for the blood test results to come back? The alphabet test (down's and spina bifida) 16 week one?


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pucca · 13/03/2006 17:14

Bumpity bump Smile

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pucca · 13/03/2006 21:02

Anyone know at all Smile

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carwillin · 13/03/2006 21:37

Took mine 3 weeks but that was over Xmas period. MW said it normally takes 2 weeks, that is in Northamptonshire though don't know about other areas.

HTH :)

pucca · 13/03/2006 21:38

Carwillin...Thankyou very muchSmile

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