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Choosing the baby's sex - does anything work?!

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karma · 10/03/2006 14:48

We have two gorgeous little boys and want to try for another baby later this year. Although another boy would be great, we would really love a daughter, although obviously we would be extremely grateful for having another healthy baby of either sex.
Has anyone got any experience of increasing the chances of one sex over the other? In my experience those Chinese charts are a bit hit and miss!

OP posts:
Rodeo · 15/03/2006 23:02

I've got girl, boy, girl. And I do admit to trying for a girl before my last pg. I did the 'deed' about 3 days before ovulation - none after that point, and drank loads of milk for about a month prior (from something I'd read about x sperm being attracted to calcium in the egg!)

Not sure if this helped but I did get my girl :)

BTW I love my little boy to pieces just not sure my house could take the strain Wink

And I still managed to feel sad for the 2nd boy I wasn't going to get! Mad eh?

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