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If you have an elective cs planned, what happens if you go into labour?

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zephyrcat · 08/03/2006 13:16

Do they still automatically give you a cs?

OP posts:
nutcracker · 08/03/2006 13:20

You get an emergency section then.

I had a section planned for breech dd2 , but went into labour at 35 weeks. I was then going to try a normal delivery as she had turned round but dd2 had toher ideas and so I had another section.

TuttiFrutti · 08/03/2006 18:38

Ask the consultant who is assigned to you at the hospital. They all have slightly different ways of looking at this.

Mine said to me that for my next pregnancy, they will do an elective c-s at 39 weeks, if I go into labour before that and turn up slightly dilated they would do an emergency c-s, but if I turned up fully dilated they would let me labour naturally. Of course, it may depend why you are having the c-s in the first place as some reasons are more absolute than others, IYSWIM.

zephyrcat · 08/03/2006 18:43

Thank you - that makes sense. I'm having this one as I've had 2 previously - that said I was told I had a 75% of a successful vbac. I will definately ask when I go in to get my cs date... just a bit paranoid that this one might not hang on another 4 weeks!!!

OP posts:
NotQuiteCockney · 08/03/2006 18:47

It really depends.

I had an elective section booked for DS2 (prev CS, elective booked for 41+3. My waters broke at 40+5. I didn't actually go into labour (and his head wasn't engaged, and there was meconium. And I'd had prelabour for weeks, and wasn't even effaced!).

We gave up on the home birth and went in for our CS, and the hospital was offering to let me labour for a bit. We decided to have the section anyway, so had a very relaxed section at 6am.

NotQuiteCockney · 08/03/2006 18:48

If you want to try for labour, you can ask for as late a CS date as possible? A later CS means a fully-cooked baby, who will be more efficient at feeding, and a better sleeper.

nickyp08 · 20/03/2006 18:09

if i go into labour before my c-section date i will PANIC!!!!!
currently booked for 04.05.06 and it will be my third section already get horrible scar pain when baby kicks and moves so god knows what labour would be like.. Hopefully i wont find out

FioFio · 20/03/2006 18:11

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jampots · 20/03/2006 18:11

i had my elective booked at 37 weeks to prevent me going into labout but on the Friday when I was in hosp having final tests and meeting the team my consultant told me to call him if I did start labour over the weekend (I had passed some blood)I was to call the hospital and they would page him to come back from his weekend jaunt to perform the op.

pupuce · 20/03/2006 18:17

Based on what you said I think if you went in labour before the section you might be given a choice and can certainly request EITHER.
You could have an "emergency" section or just go with labour. The only possible problem is if the theatre is already busy with a "real" emergency (IYKWIM) you will have to wait.

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