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Fibroid on the womb: how common is this?

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Gemmitygem · 06/03/2006 08:30

Had early scan on Sat which showed heartbeat and our little bean seems fine! So relieved as had bleeding at 5 weeks (now 8 weeks).

BUT they saw a fibroid kind of sitting on top of the womb. It's about as big as the embryo (1.5 cm). Has anyone else had this, and should I be worried?

OP posts:
fenny1 · 06/03/2006 08:52

I have got one under my placenta. Seeing consultant Wed to see if its going to cause probs. I'm 30 weeks. The fact that they have picked yours up means they will continue to keeep an eye on it so don't worry about it if you can help yourself. Keep asking questions at your scans and appointments if you have concerns.

TuttiFrutti · 06/03/2006 13:36

Fibroids are very common, but they vary in size and position (some in womb, some outside it) and can be serious or not. They are affected by pregnancy hormones so get bigger as the baby does.

You are lucky yours has been spotted, so as long as you get it monitored the doctors will know what action to take. I had lots of fibroids during my pregnancy which weren't diagnosed until after I'd been in labour for 23 hours and someone spotted what he called an "unspecified physical obstruction" under the baby's head. We went straight to an emergency C-section. When they cut me open they found the one under the baby's head was the size of a tennis ball.

I suppose this is actually quite positive, because it shows you can be riddled with huge fibroids and still produce a healthy baby. You may need a C-section if the fibroids get in the way, but monitoring should show if there is a need for this in your case.

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