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pregnancy glow (whatever!)

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worryinone · 05/03/2006 11:05

Fed up of looking like crap when I am supposed to be radiant and blooming and all people seem to say to me these days is how tired I look and are my iron levels Ok as I look so tired. And I actually feel alright having stopped being sick about 2 weeks ago (I am 23 weeks pregnant. So decided to make a stand and treat myself to some maternity clothes and some nice beauty products (my old ones are doing nothing for me at the mo!) Anyone got any suggestions or using anything nice at the moment?

OP posts:
eve2005 · 05/03/2006 11:13

am no help on this topic i'm afraid. 17 weeks and feeling like shit. covered in spots and dry skin at the same time with huge bags under my eyes. no glowing going on here!

o, just remembered, yves st laurant have a lovely creamy toner. makes your skin feel like velvet. my mom has it and i tend to steal it whenever i visit! not specifically for pregnancy but its not too hideously expensive and its well worth it to cheer yourself up. Wink

worryinone · 05/03/2006 11:15

Thanks - good to know someone in the same boat!

OP posts:
eve2005 · 05/03/2006 11:47

sinking boat at this stage Grin

don't know whats wrong with me this time. with my 1st preg i got a little dry skin but was fine besides that, got all the usual 'glowing' comments, this time round i feel and look like poo even though i'm eating better and taking vitamins from earlier on.

must be a boy this time!

fenny1 · 06/03/2006 12:37

My friend bought me all the Boots Mediterranean Maternity creams, bath stuff etc Don't smell too stong (which is good for the sickies amongst us) but nice and fresh.

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