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Green tea & pregnancy

11 replies

melsy · 04/03/2006 18:57

Is this really a no no ?? A friend said I really shoudnt be drinking it and have been having a green tea with jasmine at least twice a day. She said because it has such strong detox properties???? Ive done a google search and it proved inconclusive.

OP posts:
SenoraPostrophe · 04/03/2006 19:02

first I've heard. think the preganacy police go too far sometimes- i still drink normal tea (anyone want to shoot me?)

Gloworm · 04/03/2006 19:03

i dont see why you comes from the exact same plant as regular tea, just picked at a different time.

I would definatly NOT use the one with jasmine though, its one of the oils recommended during labour!

Just drink plain green tea.

melsy · 04/03/2006 19:05

oops I LOVE jasmine tea, gawd its a minefield ,seems to have got a lot stricter in the last 3 years since being preggers!!!

OP posts:
Gemmitygem · 06/03/2006 10:13

I wouldn't overdo it, just have a cup a day.

I drink it all the time usually, but since becoming preg it really really makes me feel sick...

Definitely don't think it's any worse than normal tea, and it lowers your blood pressure which can't be bad..

melsy · 06/03/2006 10:28

uh , my bp is to low for gp, as its much much lower than normal , may be that hasnt been helping hey !!!

OP posts:
Gemmitygem · 06/03/2006 10:48

aaaah, ok. If you have low bp I'd maybe not drink it.. I've got high, so drink it for that..

What about teas with 'nothing' in them like peppermint or camomile instead?

melsy · 06/03/2006 11:08

got those , I just get bored !!! Jasmine is all time fave. Does it help with your high bp ? I need to find something to raise mine , although like salty things!

OP posts:
Gemmitygem · 06/03/2006 11:25

I wouldn't think jasmine would do any harm.. Anyway 2 cups of almost anything shouldn't have that big an effect (except vodka, I suppose!) Grin

I'm just drinking bucketloads of water since preg, because so thirsty all the time.

If you feel ok drinking it, I would just carry on!

RedZuleika · 06/03/2006 11:34

No idea, but have seen a US message board where some swear by green tea to aid conception.

Can't imagine they avoid it in SE Asian countries.

Gemmitygem · 06/03/2006 11:44

yep, it's like peanuts, I mean millions of women in Thailand and countries like that use peanut oil to cook in, and yet the babies don't have peanut allergies.

In France preg women drink wine and eat soft cheese, pate and everything else... and in Japan they eat sushi, so a lot of it is culturally determined by the pregnancy police.

I guess balance is key, and a little bit of what you fancy!

Sakura · 07/03/2006 15:48

Yes, Im in Japan, and the doctor told me I can eat anything I like. Sushi and green tea are fine for pregnant women here and those Ive asked have never heard of cutting them out. The thinking goes that you should as wide a range of food as possible to get as many different kinds of nutrients so cutting things out doesnt make sense. <br /> I ate sushi a lot when I had bad morning sickness because it tastes quite fresh and I couldnt eat any hot food.

But I have to say I am still being "careful" in my own way. Im trying to avoid nuts and liver (because of the vitamin A). Ive been eating soft cheese though, mainly because the morning sickness meant I couldn`t really eat meat and I must have been craving calcium and protein.

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